Ideological C.V.

„Heil Hitler! P.S. please publish my name in full, I want everyone to know I am a Jew hater.“ — Unity Valkyrie Mitford, letter to Der Stürmer.

„The only thing we cannot afford to lose in this war is our freedom, the foundation of our life and our future.  Everything else can be replaced. . . .  If the war requires it, we must therefore be willing to use all we have to defend that freedom.  Without it, neither the nation nor the individual can live.“ — Dr. Goebbels, Article 10.

„A coward will not fire even a single shot when attacked though he may be armed with ten pistols.  For him they are of less value than a blackthorn in the hands of a man of courage.“ — Unserem Führer, Mein Kampf I ch. 12.

[Helmut Stuka] Those who arrive through „deep links“ are likely most interested in the substance of whatever article they arrived at; but anybody who hits this homepage is probably curious about who I am, what I believe, and what my capabilities are in working with my pen and my blackthorn.

To that end, I have prepared the following roadmap; it is and will necessarily remain something of a work-in-progress:

  • Pay your respects at the memorial to Germany in miniature; then heil Bach & Armin.
  • Germans who are proud to be German (and blessed with a German sense of humour) may appreciate that, as the ungerman Germanist, I am the antipode of the wigger.
  • Persons with leadership qualities will want to understand what I understand; and no more need be said, save that I despise both softness and stupidity.
  • I have significant expertise in Jewry and the Jewish Problem, acquired experientially over the course of many years and ultimately, to my detriment (as you may expect).  Without myself taking Jewish nonsense too seriously, I strike retribution at the Jewish heart of Yahweh (may his name be erased: יהוה).
  • I principally consider myself to be an original philosopher; and such has always been my inclination.  Unfortunately, I initially had time to publish only one small piece which I deem „philosophical“; worse, it was hurriedly hacked together from a diary and spun a bit for pragmatic reasons specific to the circumstance of its preparation.  Still, it does carry the right message (not to mention demonstrating a few pertinent characteristics on my part).  The trend continues, as my next „serious“ piece first emerged as a blog comment.
  • Much about me is discussed in the FAQ, including as to my motives.  Please understand that I understand, the greatest masterwork of philosophy, culture, or science will be useless if the Aryan does not survive.  It is indeed for this very reason that Dr. Goebbels (Doctor of German Literature) sacrificed his literary aspirations to push campaign slogans, and the Führer himself threw aside his first love, art and architecture, to struggle and fight for the his greatest love, the German people.
  • Intermission from speaking about myself:  I found on the Net something you should enjoy, a classical music archive which includes recordings made when the Führer was alive (Furtwängler, &c.).  Also, they have fine art.  (Site not affiliated; I wish.)  Please bookmark those links and return here; for I am just getting to what, in practical terms, is really the important part:
  • To demonstrate my competence at producing concepts for practical propaganda, I picked an issue of significant current import:  Donald Trump, the Jew’s #trumpcard.  Aiming directly at Mr. Casino Man’s „centre of gravity“ in the Clausewitzian sense, I coined the slogan that „Trump promises a Great Wall of America, but will deliver a ‚Nixon in China‘“ (demonstrative graphic) (also published in the Renegade Tribune).  Realizing that voters under 50 years of age may not know what that means, I also explained that „Donald Trump is a Jew-loving slot-machine salesman who will stop the immigration flood, just like Obama pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and immediately closed the dungeon at Guantanamo Bay.“  &c.  The result is a cut-and-paste propaganda sheet, as well as a concept board for a campaign; I hope it helps somebody.
  • Since I have already been criticized for ignoring some of the important problems with Trump, I should emphasize that this was intentional:  I understand that public education is best effectuated with tight, focused messages about a small set of important issues; and see again, „centre of gravity“.  I would anyways rather shoot myself in the head than write a scholarly monograph on each and every thing wrong with Trump.  In closing, with Cato-like intonations, I remind you that Donald Trump is a Jew-loving slot-machine salesman who built the foundation of his personal empire on promotion of vice, indebtedness, and degeneracy.
  • The foregoing makes it surprising (to me, at least) that I found a need to open my mouth about one more time and tell the ignorant of this world:  „Nazis“ Hate Donald Trump!
  • I strongly dislike vulgar language (RT), which is promoted by the Jews.  I do not wish to preach to people who have achieved and, in some cases, sacrificed incomparably more than I have.  But it needs to be said; and I am not the only one to be of such an opinion.  Note, nigger is not vulgarity.
  • I understand that race mixing causes race war, and race-war is a Jewish concept desired only by the Jews.  I understand that persons of different races and species can be friends only when they are secure amongst their own kind in their own territories.  Paraphrasing myself, Dr. Goebbels could enjoy building cultural bridges with his Japanese friends, because he then went home to his German family in a German community in a Germany populated by German people under a German leader.  Unfortunately, most people are unaware that racial mixing is a global cancer.

    Race mixing leads to race war.  Nationalism is the key to international peace.

I have preserved the old homepage, which has a moderately boring story behind why it started as such a mess.

In the end, it is all about the freedom without which life is not worth living:

[Adolf Hitler speaking before a banner which reads, „Lieber tot als Sklav!“]
Translation of slogan in background: „Better dead than a slave!“

Heil Armin, und Heil Hitler!