Since I started publishing online, I have been looking for the perfect in-depth explanatory link to drop in when referring to one of the most powerful, yet least understood men of the past hundred years:  Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, commonly known as the „Father of the European Union“.  As of to-day, I have found not only such a link, but such a good one as to impel me to write a special post recommending it.  For to understand the evils now faced by Europe and the entire world, you must first understand the design which this mongrel Masonic social architect drew on behalf of his Jewish paymasters.

You have seen his handiwork.  If you are European, it affects your everyday life.  If you are not European, soon it will affect your everyday life as Europa implodes and takes the whole world with it.  In the latter sense, we are all Europeans now—and indeed, Kalergi and his ilk have deliberately schemed to literally make everybody in the world a European, excluding actual Europeans.

Thus if you have ever wondered why „refugee“ armies of healthy, fighting-age young men are swarming your cities and raping your women—if you were more than idly curious about the vast „European Union“ bureaucracy, which imposes top-down tyranny to undermine the European economy, shred the European social fabric, crush the European nations, and render Europe as a whole no longer European—if you wondered what founding father set the stage for the anti-European rampage of Anetta Kahane, Wesley Clark, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Barbara Lerner Spectre—then meet devil’s prophet who declared in 1925:

The man of the future will be a mongrel.  Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice.

Kalergi’s Baby: The Hydra That Is The European Union • By Mufidah Kassalias, GLARING Hypocrisy (2016-06-16)

Personal footnote:  I am also half-Asiatic mongrel, yet the avenging antipode of this monster:  A natural born Anti-Kalergi.  On darker days, I take comfort in the notion that my life is somehow evidence that the cosmos is desperate to rebalance itself.  — Helmut Stuka


The Jew Wanted This War

„God Jehovah [יהוה]!  God of vengeance!  He will devour you!“ (01:55)

Thanks to Renegade Tribune; note that my recent post on Yahweh (may his name be erased: יהוה) grew from comments there.

Time to not only recite a catechism, but update it:

Our generation has not only particular burdens, but also particular honour.  If we win, and we can and must win, we will be the most famous generation in the history of Germany.  If we lose, our names will be cursed through the centuries by the generations that must bear the frightful cost of our failure.

— Dr. Joseph Goebbels, The Thirty Articles of War for the German People (Die Dreißig Kriegsartikel für das deutsche Volk) Nr. 28

Dr. Goebbels’ words were unfortunately prophetic.  But now, the situation is even worse:  This time, if you lose, even the remembrance of you will be „blotted out from under Heaven“; and you will have no future generations to bear the frightful cost of your failure.  (Quoted words paraphrase both Exodus 17:14 and Deuteronomy 25:19; see also the Jewish jealousy at Numbers 24:20.)

Heil Hitler und heil Armin!

What World Unto Our Children?

The following heretofore unpublished work was written by me on [date redacted; double-digit years ago], in a private journal I simply called, „Fascicles“.  It is herewith presented without any change to the substance, although it is reformatted and absolved of some orthographic and syntactic treacheries.

During this time period of about three to five months, for the second time in my life I attempted to cast aside my nihilistic ways and formulate an independent moral philosophy—de novo, without guidance, as if I were the first man on Earth.  How close to the truth I came both times, and particularly on this second run, speaks of its own right not only to the measure of my soul but correspondingly also, to the corrupting power of the Jew.

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Jewish Religion and Mystical Name Games

You do not understand the threat, unless you understand that the Jew religion is in its entirety, Alef to Tav, only an elaborately dressed war doctrine for subverting, appropriating, and consuming the substance of all other nations of the Earth—tearing down all other gods—and forcing all peoples to worship the desert nigger daemon Yahweh (may his name be erased).  Not only the Talmud and Zohar, but starting Bereshit (בראשית) („in the beginning“; first word of the Torah, Genesis 1:1).

Now, my intent being not only to vex the Jews, I should promote multiculturalism and cross-cultural understanding by explaining to my fellow goyim that „may his name be erased“ is a mystical Jewish thing.  Whether „observant“ or atheistic, Jewy Jews always append that phrase to defile the holy name of unserem Führer, Adolf Hitler (Z״L, of blessed memory).

So start with an eye for an eye on two particular names the Jews just cannot bear seeing defaced:  Yahweh (יהוה) and Solomon (שלמה).  To inform you of how seriously they take such nonsense, this little Internet post itself suffices to get some kind of Masonic death warrant on my head if I don’t have one already.

They killed your gods, now heil die Göttin der Rache.

[Decompressed and stitched together from a short series of comments on Renegade Tribune.  P.S., because the Jews are psychotic, this bit of frivolity is indeed the single most dangerous Internet post I have yet made (though I am just getting started).  It is one of the most „anti-Semitic“ things every written, for it strikes to the heart of Jewry.  And I just so happened to find 18 relevant tags for it!  Spooky!  —HS]

Bach & Armin

Current Playlist:  Das Wohltemperierte Klavier (BWV 846–893)

Of late have I have written much about peace between nations and friendship between the races of mankind.  In so doing, I wish not to be misunderstood:  „Si vis pacem, para bellum“ is neither a musty old adage nor a cliché, but rather a timeless truth.  Thus he who first makes an Olympic push for peace must, if peace be denied him, pen his Articles of War and raise the sword of his voice in declaration of Total War.

I pray for peace, but am not pacifistic.  (Indeed, I know well that doctrinal pacifism leads to war, and is used as a dialectical warmongering trick by the Jews.)  Were peace the reality, I would wish not for war; but reality is not to be defied with mere wishes and unanswered prayers!  Whereas to-day, not only is war a reality:  The War never ended, and is approaching its final phase.  Thus though many of my writings are in the spirit of Bach, I lay forth hereby five important points to be understood in the spirit of Arminius—realizing indeed that these two are not only of one blood, but of one principle.

This being the multimedia age, I will first set the proper tone with this most inspiring video which I found on the Net.  It echoes to me the spirit of the hero who is still overall the second-greatest German leader in history—and who himself showed none of the misplaced mercy with which the Führer graced the BEF at Dunkirk:

Heil to the Leader who made of Roman Legions XVII, XVIII, and XIX an historic object example of what fate must befall aliens who come not in peace and friendship, but dare set a hostile foot on the soil of the Fatherland—whether considering Roman enslavers intruding on German soil at Teutoberg Forest, or to-day, an alien army now just commencing its campaign of rape and pillage throughout the greater Aryan Fatherland, Europa itself.

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