Die Kinder („Wherefore am I Helmut?“, Part III)

I want to share with you something special.  It is precious and private to me.  I am reluctant to speak of it in public, and even surprised to find myself so doing.  But I want for you to understand something about me; and I know that between all the Jew filth and their Agentur who must read it, some decent Folk who deserve it may see this.

Watch this video.  (direct download)  Watch it right now, from start to finish, and then I will explain something to you:

* * *

That is for what I fight—for whom I fight.

I was born to and lived in a stinking cesspit of postmodern brainwashing and Jew corruption.  Even when I found the truth, I did not act immediately.  Time slid by.  The powder-keg of the world started exploding, as I kept to my comfortably miserable cesspit and stayed busy „educating“ myself (although as you can see, I learned much).  And they who are not bold usually get slammed with what they fear.  Now, to turn Sarkozy on his head:  I must change, so I will change.  What do I want to live for?  —What is the only cause worth living for with fanatical religious devotion?  That.  Them.

That is the childhood I never had.  And they are the children I will never have—cannot ever have in this lifetime.

Their names are Helga, Hilde, Helmut, Holde, and Hedda.  Heide was not yet born at the time of filming, but receives special attention in longer, equally heartwarming and historically heartwrenching video from 1942 (direct download):

Their wonderful, beautiful, loving mother’s name is Frau Magda.  They were such innocent, intelligent, and carefree children as are difficult to believe seeing on Earth—at least for somebody with my background.  They are the children I want to have; they are the children I want to be, in my next childhood.  I would labour and struggle and fight for ten lifetimes and die ten times over, just to grow up for ten years like that—even if I were to then die in a bunker.

All of which reflects on their parents, by the way.  Children of really bad people always have something observably wrong with them.  Either they are frightened of their own shadows, or they are smooth little psychopaths, or they are viciously ill-behaved.  Here, to the contrary!  Kids just don’t behave like that unless their parents are living saints—and have good genetics.  Nature plus nurture.

Bear in mind that this video was produced for a proud Dad’s birthday, not spun as a propagandafilm.  (I feel awkward, as if I am prying.)  Consider also what kind of man would be thrilled to receive this video for his birthday.

These children are representative of an entire nation, symbolic Germany in miniature, not only in their personalities, but also in their fate.  When I see them, I see millions.  And they are just themselves—individuals with names and personalities and stories and a bright future—good kids, who had to die on account of who their parents were—or rather, who on such latter account narrowly avoided a fate worse than death.

I have watched that video so many times that I am glad my copy is not on tape; for I would have worn out the tape over and again.  I watch it when I feel alone and scared.  I watch it when I feel my resolve weaken about my future plans.  I watch it when I need a reminder that my own life is in itself worth nothing beside the imperative of what I can do not for the world of to-day, but the world of a thousand years hence—or a reminder that my own life is very important and I must live, so as to accomplish something for that cause.  I watch it when I am too angry, and need to remember that my principal motive is not revenge (as good as revenge is; I am un-German).  And I watch it when I am not angry enough.  Remembering how they died, how they were forbidden from living, how their country and their lives and their future was stolen, is altogether an excellent motivator to action.

Sieg heil!

Those children are my gods.  They are my religion.  They are my royalty, my Constitution, and my Supreme Court.  They are my law, my conscience, and my justice.  My sworn loyalty is to them.  I must live to serve them, and raise my right hand to the one who teaches me better to serve them—them and the posterity of their kind.

Never forget their names:

  • Helga Susanne Goebbels, geb. 1. September 1932/43.
  • Hildegard „Hilde“ Traudel Goebbels, geb. 13. April 1934/45.
  • Helmut Christian Goebbels, geb. 2. Oktober 1935/46.
  • Holdine „Holde“ Kathrin Goebbels, geb. 19. Februar 1937/48.
  • Hedwig „Hedda“ Johanna Goebbels, geb. 1. Mai 1938/49.
  • Heidrun „Heide“ Elisabeth Goebbels, geb. 20. Oktober 1940/51.

The Daughters and Son of Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, geb. 29. Oktober 1897/8, und Frau Johanna Maria Magdalena „Magda“ Goebbels, geb. 11. November 1901/12.

† 1. Mai 1945/56, martyrs of Germany.

Tage der Ruhe. Der Führer und die kleine Helga Goebbels
(„Idyllic days. The Führer and the little Helga Goebbels“)


As all else I write, the foregoing is public-domain.  Spread the word!  The foregoing was WordPressed in a hurry; I may later edit for polish and especially, add more photos, links, citations, &c.  Comments are permitted solely for those who wish to pay their respects to the Goebbels family.  Moderated is enabled, and will be performed with extreme prejudice.


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