Donald Trump, the Jew’s #trumpcard

Kameraden:  Please spread the word that Donald Trump is a Jew-loving slot-machine salesman who built the foundation of his personal empire on promotion of vice, indebtedness, and degeneracy.

(Why do American „conservatives“ not mention this?  Ah yes, I forgot:  It is sacred „free-market capitalism“!)

I designed that sound bite by channelling Dr. Goebbels, whom I have no doubt would have called Trump a Jew-loving slot-machine salesman on the front page of Der Angriff.

To assist active practical propagandists, a few cut-and-paste variations on this theme are forthcoming.  But I presume to consider myself also a theorist, and thus will start with a brief and informally scratched-together note on why Donald Trump is the Jew’s #trumpcard.

Shortly before Trump popped up, I predicted the rise of a puppet advertised as „extreme right-wing“.  I based this not only on the considerations set forth below (which are well-known in some quarters), but also on a rather subtle analysis I hope to write more about.  I predicted this at a time that the American „mainstream“ had been pushed so far left by Obama that, the „Tea Party“ sideshow notwithstanding, most people would have thought that the Republican Party (whom we’ll call „Punch“) would need to field an openly homosexual transvestite mongrel with a hammer-and-sickle tattoo to compete with the Democratic Party (whom we’ll call „Judy“).  Had I published my prediction before the start of the Trump phenomenon, everybody would have laughed at me—and then worshipped me as a prophet in the moment that Trump was lowered onto the stage.

Unfortunately, when the prediction was actually predictive, I was at cowering in a miserable hole, living like a nigger, and trying to plan how best to become what the Führer derided as a „silent worker“ (Mein Kampf, vol. 1 ch. 12).  So you will just need to decide for yourself whether I am sincere in claiming this after the fact.

Looking forward:

If Trump is elected—viz., selected by his Chosen masters (which is still not a certainty; they adapt dynamically), then one of his principal purposes (but not the only one) is to let off steam pressure from working-class White Americans who may show signs of beginning to wake up from the daze of their Jew Tee-Vee.  Trump is exactly as much on their side as, for just two examples, Reagan (a Hollywood actor who gave an Oscar-worthy performance) and Eisenhower (a part-Jew who topped his career of murdering Germans by presiding over the start of the American „Civil Rights“ era).  But who realizes it?  Not Joe America—who may be an NRA member, but likely attends a Jew Zionist Church and is not exactly an expert in Judeo-Masonic mass-manipulation methodologies.

At this juncture, Joe America has completely lost faith in „Punch“—just as once upon a time he lost faith in „Judy“, when she hopped in bed with the niggers.  Joe America—the actual or spiritual NRA member whose grandkids may be mulattos, but who himself is still, for now, at least on his face a White Man!  Suddenly amidst the Web 2.0 zeitgeist, Punch 2.0 comes onstage and knocks Punch 1.0 out cold after a three-way fight.  My, my, what a show.  (Note that the Republicans who have fought Trump sincerely hate his guts.  They are not high-level insiders in some massive, monolithic conspiracy; rather, they are motivated by the desperation of all those who find themselves obsolete as Pawns 1.0.)

Long-term results, and by that I mean much longer than one presidential term:  If Trump pats Joe America on the head and settles him back in front of the Jew Tube, then arguendo ignoring events in Europe (which are really the determining factor), eventually, in years to come, the niggers will rape and burn their way through more than a few cities before being physically exterminated by the two nigger-hating parties who will then contest the inheritance of all North America:  The Mexicans and the Chinese.  (Whites will by then be somewhere between irrelevant and non-existent.  Blacks don’t stand a chance.  Not to disrespect the Mexicans—who are tough and organized, and have some smart leaders—but my worthless Jew toilet paper is on the Chinese, who are also tough and organized, and have a higher median intelligence.)

Now, I care about American White Nationalists—but because they are biological and spiritual Aryans, not because they are American.  Were it not for them, I myself would simply break out popcorn and gefilte fish, kick back to watch, and laugh at the plight of those dumb Amis who, as willing Masonic pawns, spent a patricidal century destroying their spiritual grandfatherland in Europe and granting the Jews total global power.  That—and I might study Mandarin, such that I may conduct diplomacy with the dominant populations of two continents.  But for the sake of those few American Whites who still remember that they are White and behave like Aryans, I am preparing a few morsels of public-education curriculum to contribute to an attempt (likely futile) to seal off the Jewish steam-release valve known as Donald J. Trump.


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