Rockwell on Foul Language

[This is an overgrown sidebar to „Taking the Trash Out of My Talk: A Different Kind of Jewspeak“.]

In pertinent part, George Lincoln Rockwell’s autobiography This Time the World, ch. 3 reads:

But [Fred] Allen’s wife, Portland, gave me the shock of my fourteen or fifteen years when she was the first woman I ever heard say a filthy word and in our living room, at that.  She used the Anglo-Saxon word for body waste to express her distaste for some idea or other and I will never forget the experience.  Never, in all those young years, had I heard a female say such a word and I thought of her immediately as an object of unbelievable disgust.  In discussing the matter later, with my father, I learned that she was Jewish.  I asked him if Jewishness had anything to do with it and he said they were very „sophisticated people“ who meant no harm by it.  But he also told me of Henry Ford’s accusations against the Jews and how they forced him to apologize, and said there was no getting away from the power of the Jews, „They’re too smart.“

Except for the permanent memory of my shock at hearing that awful word from a lady in our family drawing room, I thought no more of it and don’t even remember thinking of Portland as anything but a woman who said a horrible, vulgar word for the first time in my presence.

Sophisticated“.  „Cool“.  „Mature“.  As opposed to „uptight“ or „square“, and being told to „just relax“ or „chill out“.  Think of how many times you have heard such characterizations; and tally how much thereof came from Jews!

I am not exactly a Rockwell follower (not nearly).  But he did have some excellent points; and it was the above quote which first brought me to reflect on just what and who persuaded me to degrade myself to the level of using nigger-speech.

At this juncture, I remind the reader that the quoted text was written by a combat-tested naval officer and the founder of the „American Nazi Party“.  He was neither a pansy, nor a man lacking in worldly experience.  Of course, Rockwell’s combat experience was on the wrong side of the War, as he later regretted; thus I will here also refer to German Col. Hans Ulrich Rudel, who was teased by his fellow airmen as a „milk drinker“ until he consistently demonstrated such bravery in combat that eventually, the Führer needed to create a new medal for him.  Rudel was the perfect example in every way of what the Jews call a „square“—as indeed was the Führer himself!

As to Rockwell, he went so far as to almost completely ban the use of profanity amongst his political followers.  Quoting from his interview in Playboy, April 1966, with an exemplary negroid obscenity redacted by me:

If I were discussing, say, the favorite word of niggers „mother-f—er“ I’d say it strictly as a factual observation and to make a point.  But in private conversation, neither I nor any of my [American Nazi Party] members ever use that word or any other foul language.

The man indeed made his point—one which left me not only wondering where the „good boy“ of my childhood had gone, but also examining where else I had gone wrong.


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