Comment on Monika Schaefer Video

The following is cross-posted with whitespace fixes from my comment on an article about the following video:

My comment:

[Preliminary note: Anti-Germanism is the only socially acceptable form of racism.  Imagine what would happen to schoolchildren who harassed an Indian kid for wearing traditional Hindu garb on the first day of school.]

Within the first twenty seconds of this video, I thought of those left-wing „This is what an XYZ looks like“ campaigns, for reasons I will proceed to explain.

Within the first ten seconds, my reaction was, „This is not the image I was taught of Revisionists.“  Revisionists being of course a kind of „neo-Nazi“ (whether or not they really are!), and therefore ipso facto illiterate, trash-talking submorons hopped up on crystal meth whose only purpose in life is to smash a beer bottle over the head of some poor coloured folk, then stuff a Jew in an oven.  The ADL/SPLC/Hollywood fabricated image.

No, I am not exaggerating.  I had the kind of upbringing probably shared by only a few people here, and it was very much a „mainstream“ upbringing.  Not just at school, &c., like Monika Schaefer.  Instead, straight from the cradle.  Very commonplace.

For those who go a bit beyond Revisionism, this intersects with the subject of a recent Gerhard Lauck article.  If you are well put-together (which I am not), your best asset for spreading the truth is yourself, behaving naturally in apolitical contexts.

Specifically apropos Monika Schaefer:  Given what I was taught about „what a ‚Holocaust denier‘ looks like“, at the very least, I should be surprised to find her speaking in full sentences and not drooling.  Let alone to find her poised, cultured, and overall projecting an aura of uncommon decency.  Midway through the video, I thought, „This is a person to whom you would entrust your children’s safety.“

Yes, I know the producers are aware of this issue and specifically did the violin bit to emphasize the point.  Unfortunately, it comes off as a bit out of context and lacked tie-in to the message.  Shows you want to impress.  I say that as a violin-lover who is now wondering whether there are any apolitical Schaefer violin videos online—just her playing, and maybe discussing music and her personal perspective as a musician.  A channel with at least 4–5 such videos (or 100 if it were to become her hobby); and the „Sorry I believed in the Holocaust“ video is just something else personally important she had to say.  I, for one, would really like to see that—and not only because it would help the cause for all the reasons aforestated!  (I did do a quick Youtube search, and hopefully did not miss anything.)

As to the video itself, she is trying too hard, which ironically makes the video come off as more genuine:  Although she is intelligent and poised, it is obvious she is not a smoothly practiced political speaker (read: spin-doctor).  Just someone with a message from the heart which she is trying to enunciate as clearly as possible.  I don’t like to criticize; but I will venture to, for an honest environment open to constructive criticism is consistent with the sincerity displayed in this video.  And that’s what counts.

In sum, food for thought:  Monika Schaefer is a good candidate for a material showing her just behaving naturally, under the caption „This is what a Revisionist looks like.“  (I would say „T-shirt“, but she seems too cultured.)

I have more to say about the video itself, but this is too long already.  So I will inaugurate a campaign I have contemplated before, by winding up with my own apology:  I am sorry to all German people that I believed in the Holocaust, and glad to see that some Germans want to be German again.


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