The Anti-Orleans Protocol

[Cross-posted from my comment on „Revolution & Legality“ by Dr. William L. Pierce, National Socialist World (1968).  I have been intending to write about this anyway, and will conveniently denominate the stated dogma as „The Anti-Orleans Protocol“. —HS]

On this subject, there is only one dogma:  Pick wise, courageous leaders, and obey them.  Quoting for a real-life fable from Chapter 6 of Was Hitler Really a Dictator? by Friedrich Christian, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe (a veteran of the SA; written in 1977; tr. by Victor Diodon/Scriptorium; boldface and bracketed material supplied):

It would have been easy enough to beat these Communists to a pulp—except that the SA was forbidden to do so.  They had to let themselves be punched….  At the funeral of Herbert Norkus [nicknamed „Quex“], the [15-year-old] Hitler Youth murdered by the Marxists in Berlin in 1932 [while he was peacefully engaged in democratic election pamphleteering], I witnessed how the Communists perching close by on a wall threw large and heavy rocks at us, especially at Dr. Goebbels and those accompanying him.  Goebbels gritted his teeth and whispered to us: „Stand still, don’t so much as blink an eye, don’t let them provoke you!“  Each of us passed the message on to the next.  Everyone acted accordingly: if they had not, the situation would have degenerated into a massive blood-bath.  Afterwards, when we marched off through the Reddest part of Berlin, singing our battle songs, many of the Communists joined us, and marched and sang along with us.

It is obvious that Dr. Goebbels did not order restraint out of cowardice on his own part:  He was having the most rocks thrown at him.  He was not just sitting comfortably at his desk and ordering SA men to let themselves get pummelled.  Another important point to consider in choosing your leaders.  And this was not an example of some Christian turn-the-other-cheek slave-philosophy.  Dr. Goebbels’ own personal motto was summed up in a single word:  Attack!

(Aside:  A 1933 movie was based on the „Quex“ story, and is available on  I do not provide a direct link, because there are several versions with different subtitling options; just search for „Quex“ and pick which one is best for you.  If you have kids in that age range, Herbert Norkus is an excellent role model for them:  Moral, loyal, orderly, and courageous!)

The original NSDAP succeeded due to a combination of wise leaders and disciplined followers.  Their famous „legality“ policy was not a matter of principle, in accord with the „two classes of concepts“ reasoning stated by Dr. Pierce in the above article.  Something (together with a Führer quote about eight cripples being unequal to one gladiator; Mein Kampf, Vol. 2 Ch. 8) which certain Americans in 2004 should have remembered when designing their new doctrinal and not merely tactical gospel.  Think, if Adolf Hitler had worshipped at the altar of „legality“ as a matter of principle, he would not have built monuments (later defaced or destroyed by the Americans) to National Socialist hero and martyr Leo Schlageter—who not only acted illegally, but did so with dynamite!

My first action on finding this article was to scan over it to ascertain whether Dr. Pierce hit all my favourite Mein Kampf quotes on the subject.  He almost did; but I feel I should close by adding from Mein Kampf, Vol. 2 Ch. 15:

I was convinced that the first task then [in 1923] was to seek and find those forces that were determined to wage a war of destruction against Marxism and to give those forces a free hand.  It was their duty not to bow down before the fetish of „order and tranquility“….  No.  A really National government ought then to have welcomed disorder and unrest if this turmoil would afford an opportunity of finally settling with the Marxists, who are the mortal enemies of our people.

Yes, the Führer just said that it was the government’s duty to welcome disorder and unrest in certain circumstances.  In other words, that the government should have welcomed „illegality“!  These words were written by a man who was about to announce to his followers his own „legality“ policy, and who later restored firm law and order to a country which was almost in a state of anarchy.  He knew that the situation in 1923 (during the French occupation of the Ruhr; when Schlageter did his deed) was very different from 1924 or 1929 or 1933.

Pick smart leaders, and obey them with military precision.  Period.  It has been the Aryan way since ancient times.

Heil Hitler!

P.S., to emphasize for idiots who do not know how to read:  Your leaders have ordered that for the greater good of your race, at this time you must „stay legal“ and abstain from violent acts other than direct personal defence of self and family.  Obey them!


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