[Cross-posted from another comment in a different thread on the same page as where I first published what I am now calling „The Anti-Orleans Protocol“.  This replies to suggestions which I found to be, shall we say, provocative. —HS]

Quoting the Führer slightly out of context, „What we needed then and need now is not one or two hundred dare-devil conspirators but a hundred thousand devoted champions of our Weltanschauung.“  (Mein Kampf II ch. 9.)  He was discussing secret societies; but the same principles apply even moreso to „lone wolf“ thinking, a.k.a. a dare-devil conspiracy of one.  It will not help your race.  A pointless martyrdom does not help your race; it is just the selfish expression of personal anger, like a soldier who opens fire against orders.

Petty vandalism will not overthrow a global machine of tyranny which has armies and nuclear weapons.  Cutting tyres to fight the Jew World Order?  Try a water pistol, too.  By the way, I never understood why people defile the Swastika by putting it on Jewish property.  And it will not hurt the Jews; to the contrary.  Jewry has thrived on „persecution“ for thousands of years; without the solidarity caused by their paranoia about „anti-Semitism“, they would kill each other.  The Jews hate each other!  See also the comment in Mein Kampf I ch. 11 about Jews as „a swarm of rats that bitterly fight against each other“.  So true. And the Shabbos Goyim will never, ever „get fed up“ with Jewish whining. They are masochists; also the more the Jews whine, the more they feel morally superior for washing the feet of Yahweh’s Chosen Pets.

What is needed is not crudely spraypainted Swastikas on Jewish property, but people hoisting the Swastika on their own properties—and then at the statehouse!

Note that I do not have some „legality“ fetish; to the contrary, see my other comment.  I very strictly „stay legal“ for the reasons thereby stated.  I have never broken the law, and I have at this time no intentions to.  But I admire Leo Schlageter, and I admire William Tell.  Respectively a bomber and an assassin, in case you don’t know.  They did what was right in their particular circumstances; and National Socialist martyr Schlageter stood proudly defiant before his French executioners when he gave his life for his people.

„Revolutions seldom succeed“ is defeatist thinking.  They fail when they are disorganized, undisciplined, impatient, and lacking for appropriate leadership.  Don’t forget that the Jews’ initial response to the Führer in the early 1920s was to laugh at him.  They stopped laughing around 1929 or thereabouts, by which time he had spent ten hard years struggling to build up the NSDAP.

I have a general policy against arguing on the Internet, but somebody needs to say it instead of upvoting provocatively bad advice….

Heil Hitler!


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