Jews Hate Jews!

[Cross-posted with minor edits for clarity of language from my comment on „Another Jewish Problem“ by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (Liberty Bell, May 1985). —HS]

Given misfortunate past association with Jewry, I perhaps may have a different perspective on this than most here.

A twentysomething Sephardic Jewess born and raised in Jerusalem once spontaneously complained to me after a bad day that „the Ashkenazim treat me like a nigger“.  Quote, unquote.  Her English was quite poor; I wondered whether she knew the full impact of that word in today’s Anglophone societies.  She probably did.  Oh, and in case you thought that Jews love niggers, that is only a show for the Jewtube for the purpose of persuading your Aryan daughter to love niggers.  But I digress.

The Ashkenazi/Sephardi divide is only one aspect of „another Jewish problem“:  In every way, nobody hates Jews more than other Jews do!  If not manipulated into doing otherwise by their leaders, they will fight each other over anything; and if there is nothing to fight about, they will make something up.  When Adolf Hitler described the Jews as being like „a swarm of rats that bitterly fight against each other“ (Mein Kampf I ch. 11), he was not showing his biases but rather, an in-depth expertise on the Jewish problem.  Same as to „Jews act in concord only when a common danger threatens them or a common prey attracts them.“ (id.)  It is only common greed, the „Chosen“ complex, and ultimately paranoia about the „anti-Semitism“ and „it happening again“ (i.e. the „Holocaust“) which stop Jewish communities from imploding in thermonuclear meltdown.

As a result, Israeli society is a factional basketcase constantly teetering on the brink of civil war.  But this particular Jewish war never quite happens; for when the intra-Jewish hatred really heats up, either there is a big wave of „Shoah“ related publicity, or the evil, horrible Palestinians just seem to conveniently act on cue and blow up some Jews.  (Speaking only to appearances, not to slander actual Palestinians.)  And nothing makes the Jews decease their infighting and rally together lockstep like the sight of dead Jewish bodies, real or imaginary.

Their Knesset (Israeli parliament) makes the dirtiest Western parliamentary politics seem tame; the Knesset floor only stops short of fistfights because the Jews are too cowardly for that.  Official corruption is so rampant that I once saw in an Israeli paper a by-Jews, for-Jews political cartoon („Dry Bones“) joke to the effect that an indictment is prerequisite for obtaining the office of Prime Minister.  And it is not only a matter of money corruption:  Just a few years ago, they had to toss a recent Israeli President (Moshe Katzav) in prison for rape.  Israeli papers soon thereafter carried a story about how Katzav with his giant Jewish ego demanded that his jailers address him as „Mr. President“, and they had a good laugh at his expense.

The socioeconomic divide between the „haves“ and „have-nots“ is extreme; the big, rich Jews swindle and exploit the little Jews, as the desperate, poor little Jews swindle and exploit each other.  The big banks in Israel treat their own people not too differently than Jewbanks treat everybody, everywhere.  Only, there is a difference:  The bigbank victims themselves exhibit the exact same behaviour in miniature.  Oh yes, and as you may expect:  Israel has more lawyers per capita than anywhere else on Earth, and is predictably litigious.

It is all—well, it’s all pretty much what you would expect from a bunch of Jews left to themselves.  Just as the Führer said, but now demonstrated empirically.

The Jews know it, too, although they hide it from goyim who are not rabidly Judeophilic.  In a private discussion about the factional catastrophe of the Knesset, a different Zionist Jewess (Ashkenazi, hatched in Russia but raised in Tel Aviv) once casually remarked to me that „Jews are good at governing everybody except themselves.“  Please pause for a moment, do two double-takes, and let that sink all the way in.

P.S., to the Editor:  Thank you for running some Dr. Oliver.  His writings, including the above piece (which I immediately recognized), were important advanced curricula in my rehabilitative education.

P.P.S., in the spirit of Unity Mitford:  Heil Hitler!  Please print my full name as I want everyone to know that I am a Jew-hater.


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