National Socialist Bingo for Peace

I dreamt that during the critical 1936–41 period, Dr. Goebbels planned a bingo game between Germans and Americans for the purpose of promoting peace.

No really, I just dreamt this.  Just now.  With my head pitched forward on my arm, atop the palmrest of my laptop.  My arm fell asleep, and I am now having trouble typing.  Need coffee, now.

Dr. Goebbels being the lying, cheating evil mastermind that I was always taught he was, in my dream he planned to rig the bingo game to let the Americans win.  Just to let the Americans feel good such that flush with victory, their minds might be more open to a message of peace and friendship.  For Dr. Goebbels did not care about winning a bingo game.

Then I awoke and remembered the 1936 Olympics in Berlin—where the games were not rigged, the Americans won plenty of medals fair and square, and the Germans won more (despite having a fraction of the population).  Afterwards a book was published in four languages under Dr. Goebbels’ own signature, preaching peace in as many words, and portraying American victories as prominently and positively as German ones.  Included were victories both of White Americans and of several American negroes, amongst whom Jesse Owens was only the most prominent.  Owens really was quite a sensation in Germany, a result indeed made possible by racial Nationalism; there are more photos of Owens in that „Nazi“ book than of any other individual athlete, and yes, I did an informal head-count.  [Citation and appropriate graphics to be added someday when I have the time and/or am more awake.]

Also on waking, I realized that Dr. Goebbels would not likely rig a deceptive bingo game, even to let the other side „win“.  It would be dishonest and unsportsmanlike, thus undeutsch.

P.S., do Germans even play bingo?

P.P.S., having a „blog“ is alarmingly addictive (although WordPress is obscenely annoying).  And yes, I really am so fanatical as to be having bizarre metaphorical dreams about Dr. Goebbels.  Let the Jew-Freudian head-shrinkers say what they will.  And no, I will not be such a cliché as to give my own version of „I have a dream.“  And no, you should not be concerned that this will become a fashionable stream-of-consciousness dream blog.  Unless I so happen to have another Dr. Goebbels dream.  Heil Hitler!


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