Link: „Creating a Beautiful World“

I have a website for the purpose of being a producer, not a consumer; thus I am not usually much of a „linker“ or reposter of anything originating outside the Hitler-Germany itself (such things being of course sacred).  However, this is exceptional.  Everybody and anybody who cares about the future must read this twice:

The artistic world is where the Aryan once bravely pioneered, explored, developed, and dominated.  Our creations reflected the unique soul and structure of our people.  But this realm was invaded and infected; they pushed our best and brightest aside and replaced them with Communist counterfeits and retrograde role-models, breaking down the will, spirit, and even soul of our people.  This paved the way for the invasion and decimation of our material realm.

The artistic invasion allowed for the illegal alien invasion.

We must take our realms back.  All of our realms.  It is my contention that before we are able to reclaim our destiny, we must first take back the creative world of art, and then the rest can follow in due course.  Our enemies sure understand that hearts and minds can inspire boots and bullets.

„Creating a Beautiful World“. Kyle Hunt, Renegade Tribune (2016-07-22).

See also my comment thereby (which I may or may not clean up and cross-post here).


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