„Nazis“ Hate Donald Trump!

Update 2016-09-16:  When one is drawn into a trap, rather than dumping things down the memory hole, the honourable course of action is to issue a public retraction giving a link to an archival copy, and stating the reasons:

  • This page inadvertently associated persons who promote „Flat Earth“ nonsense with the organization founded by Dr. William Luther Pierce—a Doctor of Physics who did graduate studies at JPL, dreamed of being an astronaut, and would have been horrified by such odious and racially destructive anti-intellectualism:

    Hmmm, stupidity; perhaps I should save this portion of the original page:

    [National Alliance flyer: „INCREDIBLY STUPID“]Exhibit 1, „INCREDIBLY STUPID“ flyer:  Position of the National Alliance, widely described by the ADL/SPLC crowd as America’s biggest „neo-Nazi“ organization (although they are not actually National Socialists).  Subtler than it appears on a casual glance, but still not exactly a ringing endorsement for the Jew-loving slot-machine salesman!  (original source)
  • This page also associated me with such persons.

  • The subject matter of this page can be adequately addressed with a personal declaration:  I am a so-called „neo-Nazi“, and I hate Donald Trump!  I have produced anti-Trump propaganda in the past, and intend to produce more in the future.  Moreover, having closely studied German National Socialism, I have no doubt that Dr. Goebbels would also hate Donald Trump.

Heil Hitler!


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