WordPress „Like“ Spam

With no offense intended to my bona fide readers, whom I appreciate:  As a „blog newbie“ I must ask, what is the story with „Like“ spam?

Will people (or robots) go so far as to blindly issue keyword-based „Likes“ on posts which have a Swastika at the top?  As stated in the FAQ, it is a symbol of protection from evil; and I expect spammers to be deterred by it!

A recent post with what seems to have proved an inadvertently feminine tag brought an instanteous small flurry of „Likes“—some leading back to websites which, shall we say, seem to encourage contact from men who have not yet learned that on the Internet, a beautiful princess may be either a beautiful princess, or a big fat nigger in Nigeria.

I do try to see the best in people; and I know that many with sympathetic beliefs may outwardly hide them (very, very well).  So I sent a polite e-mail (subject: „undeutsch“) to one of these questionable Likers, inquiring in a friendly manner as to his/her/its interest in Adolf Hitler and National Socialism.  Will not hold my breath awaiting a reply, although I admit I sometimes do find surprises.  I do know that Adolf Hitler was a genius of such magnitude as to attract some supporters whose outward appearances may be deceiving—case in point, myself!

Meanwhile, dear readers, would somebody with more WordPressing experience please explain this „Like“ situation to an old tech hand who knows what „n.a.n.a.e.“ is, but has never had one of these newfangled „blog“ things?

P.S.: WordPress, STOP CAMEL-CASING THE WORD „WORDPRESS“.  I am not writing it in camel-case.  I hate camel-case; I forbid it as a matter of editorial policy.  And you are not permitted to change one letter of what I write.  If you do not stop it, I will start uppercasing it as WORDPRESS.  Thank you.


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