Comment re „Dear White Person“

Perhaps my comment was rejected or tossed in the spam bucket for its extraordinary length, or for the number of informative hyperlinks embedded in the text.  This shall be published as an open letter, but I am embargoing it for the moment:

Open Letter to a White Person
[Unstated subtitle: From a Person of Mixed Race.]

Password: ichbinundeutsch

My offer to publish your reply is specific as to that letter.  I deliberately did not exercise my Heaven-blessed right to link back to you, for the exclusive and pragmatic reason that I know how „the other side“ thinks; I thus knew there was a slight chance a linkback may damage the prospect of a two-way dialogue.  Please advise if you want the link.

The foregoing link represents my words verbatim as I entered same into your comment form.  I may adjust the formatting, add explanatory material, make it public, &c.; but it will otherwise remain as-is.  And to borrow your words, at risk of sounding condescending:  I didn’t write this for your sake as an individual.  The letter itself explains as much.

Moreover, I want you to understand that I have a personal policy against what I call „arguing on the Internet.“  The hours and days of my limited lifetime are too precious to be so squandered!  I could do a righteous, point-by-point flamewar teardown of all the wrong things you said in your above post about Heathen Women.  Then we might have a nice little squabble; and you would spend less time with your kids, and I would spend less time listening to Furtwängler’s early 1940s renditions of Beethoven(1) and penning elaborate odes to the greatest leader who ever lived.  „I fight!“—but I believe in choosing my fights, and in constructively opening doors, building bridges, &c. when such might be possible.

(1. May be found through links in my above letter—at a site which has politically incorrect logos on every page, which I originally found when searching the Net for good music and was not seeking political stuff.  None of which will fit your stereotypes.)

Oh yes, and at risk of misunderstood sarcasm, I feel like I will grab the guns I don’t actually have and „go postal“ if I get smeared one more time with what real National Socialists deride as the „Hollywood Hitler“ false stereotype.  Truly I am a bigoted, semiliterate ignoramus with some screws loose, who ever stands one cheap American beer away from doing something to give the establishment media a huge headline orgasm.  Gee, thanks for that.  If you were to look outside your own political milieu, you would see that that unhinged acts of random violence are actually the subject of „conspiracy theories“ and very much the opposite of approved.  Not that I am a pacifist; quite to the contrary!  But no, sorry to disappoint you.  And anyway, I am personally much more dangerous through the word than I could be by the sword.

Though with the word, sometimes I must get down from my high-and-mighty ivory tower.  There is a reason for that.  For example, if you saw my blog, you may have noticed that I spew more raw bile at Trump than anybody who voted for Obama is even capable of doing.  (You may also have noticed that the founder of Heathen Women „Liked“ my „‚Nazis‘ Hate Donald Trump!“ post; I can’t speak for her, but I suppose her Liking speaks for itself.)  As a matter I have written about elsewhere on my blog, I do not wish to commit the sin of being a bourgeois intellectual witling who is unable to connect with the working masses; and that is a lesson I learned from Dr. Joseph Goebbels, a Doctorate in German Literature who sacrificed his literary aspirations to be the campaign manager for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (German abbreviation NSDAP; the word „Nazi“ was originally coined as an insult by KDP (German Communist Party) sloganeers).

Feel free to crib my anti-Trump slogans, if you want.  The Don of the Slot-Machine Mafia promises his supporters a Great Wall of America, but will deliver them a Nixon in China!

And P.S., when I talk about certain groups, it is from the opposite of ignorance.  It took years for me to expunge from my daily vocabulary the odd Yiddish and Hebrew idioms I had absorbed from my living environment during a huge chunk of my adult life.  I note this not to raise the topic in itself, but rather to answer in advance the standard-issue preprogrammed assumption that I grew up in a certain environment, and just parrot whatever I read on the Internet.  Really, try this on for size:  „Between Democrats and Republicans, or Communists and Capitalists, this is a nevaileh and this is a traifeh.“  (Spelt phonetically, and said ironically because both sides are glatt kosher.)


2 thoughts on “Comment re „Dear White Person“

    1. Hah!  I am uncertain as to whether you are referring only to my stated intent to not be a criminal idiot, or something more you may hypothetically have seen me post somewhere on the Internet.  For you see, I grew up in an ultra-Progressive household whereby I was not even allowed to play with toy guns—not even orange safety-cap ones which fire nothing at all, and thus can’t put anybody’s eye out.  Toy guns encourage violence, you see.  And to this day, unfortunately, I have never in my life even touched an actual firearm, let alone owned one.

      Thus it is a bit of a sensitive issue for me.  I do wish to learn the proper use of firearms someday.  I should, just on principle if nothing else.  But I find it a relatively low priority, for the following reason:

      A coward will not fire even a single shot when attacked though he may be armed with ten pistols.  For him they are of less value than a blackthorn in the hands of a man of courage.

      — Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf I ch. 12

      Feel free to show that to anybody who thinks possession of a soldier’s tools will automatically imbue them the warrior spirit of the Samurai.  For my part, if I can rise to attain the latter, a blackthorn plus my pen will do me well.

      (Context:  The Führer was criticizing „politicians of the Right“ (his words) who proposed that a big stockpile of weapons would magically solve Germany’s post-WWI weakness.  Oh, and dear Sahmurai, I could continue the Jew-upsmanship by explaining that he meant, „Hey tough guys, you talk a lot about toys which go bang, but will always back down from a fight.  Tuchas offen tisch!“  However, I doubt the Führer would be pleased; and anyways, it is a tad too vulgar for a site which flies the holy Swastika.)

      I will reply to your other comment soon…  By the way, to avoid any chance of a misunderstanding, I wish to emphasize that as stated in my comment on your blog, these posts are only temporarily embargoed.  I do respect the privacy of non-abusive personal correspondence addressed to me.


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