Jewish Religion and Mystical Name Games

You do not understand the threat, unless you understand that the Jew religion is in its entirety, Alef to Tav, only an elaborately dressed war doctrine for subverting, appropriating, and consuming the substance of all other nations of the Earth—tearing down all other gods—and forcing all peoples to worship the desert nigger daemon Yahweh (may his name be erased).  Not only the Talmud and Zohar, but starting Bereshit (בראשית) („in the beginning“; first word of the Torah, Genesis 1:1).

Now, my intent being not only to vex the Jews, I should promote multiculturalism and cross-cultural understanding by explaining to my fellow goyim that „may his name be erased“ is a mystical Jewish thing.  Whether „observant“ or atheistic, Jewy Jews always append that phrase to defile the holy name of unserem Führer, Adolf Hitler (Z״L, of blessed memory).

So start with an eye for an eye on two particular names the Jews just cannot bear seeing defaced:  Yahweh (יהוה) and Solomon (שלמה).  To inform you of how seriously they take such nonsense, this little Internet post itself suffices to get some kind of Masonic death warrant on my head if I don’t have one already.

They killed your gods, now heil die Göttin der Rache.

[Decompressed and stitched together from a short series of comments on Renegade Tribune.  P.S., because the Jews are psychotic, this bit of frivolity is indeed the single most dangerous Internet post I have yet made (though I am just getting started).  It is one of the most „anti-Semitic“ things every written, for it strikes to the heart of Jewry.  And I just so happened to find 18 relevant tags for it!  Spooky!  —HS]


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