The Jew Wanted This War

„God Jehovah [יהוה]!  God of vengeance!  He will devour you!“ (01:55)

Thanks to Renegade Tribune; note that my recent post on Yahweh (may his name be erased: יהוה) grew from comments there.

Time to not only recite a catechism, but update it:

Our generation has not only particular burdens, but also particular honour.  If we win, and we can and must win, we will be the most famous generation in the history of Germany.  If we lose, our names will be cursed through the centuries by the generations that must bear the frightful cost of our failure.

— Dr. Joseph Goebbels, The Thirty Articles of War for the German People (Die Dreißig Kriegsartikel für das deutsche Volk) Nr. 28

Dr. Goebbels’ words were unfortunately prophetic.  But now, the situation is even worse:  This time, if you lose, even the remembrance of you will be „blotted out from under Heaven“; and you will have no future generations to bear the frightful cost of your failure.  (Quoted words paraphrase both Exodus 17:14 and Deuteronomy 25:19; see also the Jewish jealousy at Numbers 24:20.)

Heil Hitler und heil Armin!


2 thoughts on “The Jew Wanted This War

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