What World Unto Our Children?

The following heretofore unpublished work was written by me on [date redacted; double-digit years ago], in a private journal I simply called, „Fascicles“.  It is herewith presented without any change to the substance, although it is reformatted and absolved of some orthographic and syntactic treacheries.

During this time period of about three to five months, for the second time in my life I attempted to cast aside my nihilistic ways and formulate an independent moral philosophy—de novo, without guidance, as if I were the first man on Earth.  How close to the truth I came both times, and particularly on this second run, speaks of its own right not only to the measure of my soul but correspondingly also, to the corrupting power of the Jew.

The first time, when I was yet a beardless youth, I was shunted to the wrong track by Jewess Rosenbaum (a/k/a „Ayn Rand“), then derailed entirely when I met the Jew himself.  The second time, I for a short time made substantial and difficult changes to my lifestyle; and moreover, I reached the beginnings of a schizophrenic Weltanschauung which at once contained some of the greatest philosophic innovations I propound to-day, and compromised same with their exact opposites.

[Examples TBA after publication of philosophic works.  Suffice it for now to note:  This included my independent formulation of a industrious union between labour and management, on the philosophy of different functions working in harmony for the common benefit of each and all.  The only elements missing were the Race Principle and the Hitlerian concept of calculating social worth separately from economic worth; I instead based my idea on the bare notion that productivity is a virtue, and labour and management could mutually benefit from working together to maximize this virtue.  It seemed obvious to me!  —Examples also include the primitive beginnings of what could have become an anti-contraceptionist philosophy.]

I wavered and then abandoned that line of thought after such few of my ideas as I even dared mentioned to the Jew were denounced by him as naïve, unworkable, inconsistent with selfish human nature, downright absurd, and possibly an indication that I was mentally defective and needed happy-pills.

How close was I, and yet how far, almost [redacted] years before I discovered the truth of the Führer?  Alas as yet, I was enthralled to the Jew.  In this period and the ensuing months, I rebelled partially against the Jew; at one point, I used the word „Jew“ in a derogatory manner, although such was more from blind frustration (or from instinct) than any conscious apprehension of his nature.  But presently I was smacked back into place—literally so, at some points slapped in the face; and to my place as a shabbos goy I fell back like a whipped cur, wracked with guilt and a fresh round of Holocaust dogmas.  Subsequently more than ever I served the Jew like a dog, until the day I was thrown to the wolves by him.

What World Unto Our Children?

I was not brought up as a man; rather I was raised in a post-feminist, sissified household.  A few good values, such as work ethic, love of scholarship, and courteous behaviour were inculcated to me in my youth.  But overall, I was grown from childhood with no moral compass beneath the surface and—importantly for one born with an XY-chromosome—no sense of manhood.

It fell to me that I must discover my manhood after I became an adult.  And in so doing, I found the questions of a man:  Those harsh inquiries which must be asked of the self and faced with steely certitude.  One canonical example of such a question is, what world am I leaving unto my children?

Every man who wishes to sire offspring must ask this of himself; and I do desire to have children.  Thus must I ask:  In to-day’s dark times, as we watch the accelerating decay of civilization itself, what world unto my children can I possibly hope to bequeath?  Will there be left only a world of dark suffering, of fear and degradation, a world bereft of light and hope and beauty?  At that, will there be a world at all—or shall Earth have ripped from her breast the joy of human existence?  I shudder at the thought of either bleak and dystopic future overtaking the dreamy promise of the human spirit!  And ’though the former may be yet more unacceptable than the latter, I am unwilling to succumb to this nihilistic miasma, the idea that my children are damned to either Hell or oblivion.  Nay! and Nay! say I most emphatically to this dilemma; and as both a human of righteous soul and a man of manly spirit, unto me is thus consigned the burden of striving to ensure hope of a third option.

Let not this weight to crush me!  O, to have the might of Atlas, winning moment by moment the struggle to uphold the world ’pon his strength.  Let me fight—let me win—and let me look my children’s children in the eye to say, I have gifted you the inheritance of a world remade aright.  Then, my soul shall be one step closer to peace; and in that, shall the world find godly salvation.  For as a man, I will have discharged my duty with honour and borne forth, with my female consort, a righteous world of beauty, peace, and light.


The prefacing text above was written by me approximately six months after I first read Mein Kampf, and is hereby presented with only minor changes.

Some errors and immaturity, the excess of grandiloquence, and perhaps a touch of exuberant grandiosity, may all be forgiven of the confused twenty-five-year-old who wrote the principal text reproduced above.

Without wanting to fix here a survey of pertinent National Socialist literature, cf. Mein Kampf I ch. 2:

Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface, as it did millions of years ago.

After having discovered Adolf Hitler, I snapped back to my instincts; and to-day, I write often in warning of the impending downfall to Hell on Earth which will make thence-forthcoming extinction seem a mercy.


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