Since I started publishing online, I have been looking for the perfect in-depth explanatory link to drop in when referring to one of the most powerful, yet least understood men of the past hundred years:  Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, commonly known as the „Father of the European Union“.  As of to-day, I have found not only such a link, but such a good one as to impel me to write a special post recommending it.  For to understand the evils now faced by Europe and the entire world, you must first understand the design which this mongrel Masonic social architect drew on behalf of his Jewish paymasters.

You have seen his handiwork.  If you are European, it affects your everyday life.  If you are not European, soon it will affect your everyday life as Europa implodes and takes the whole world with it.  In the latter sense, we are all Europeans now—and indeed, Kalergi and his ilk have deliberately schemed to literally make everybody in the world a European, excluding actual Europeans.

Thus if you have ever wondered why „refugee“ armies of healthy, fighting-age young men are swarming your cities and raping your women—if you were more than idly curious about the vast „European Union“ bureaucracy, which imposes top-down tyranny to undermine the European economy, shred the European social fabric, crush the European nations, and render Europe as a whole no longer European—if you wondered what founding father set the stage for the anti-European rampage of Anetta Kahane, Wesley Clark, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Barbara Lerner Spectre—then meet devil’s prophet who declared in 1925:

The man of the future will be a mongrel.  Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice.

Kalergi’s Baby: The Hydra That Is The European Union • By Mufidah Kassalias, GLARING Hypocrisy (2016-06-16)

Personal footnote:  I am also half-Asiatic mongrel, yet the avenging antipode of this monster:  A natural born Anti-Kalergi.  On darker days, I take comfort in the notion that my life is somehow evidence that the cosmos is desperate to rebalance itself.  — Helmut Stuka


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