Happy Birthday, Otto Ernst Remer!

[Generalmajor Otto-Ernst Remer, 20. Juli 1944]
Then-Major Otto Ernst Remer addresses his troops on the fateful day of 20. July 1944.

Major General
Otto Ernst Remer
Saint of Loyalty, Patron of Peace

* 18. August 1912/23 (Neubrandenburg, Germany)
† 4. Oktober 1997/108 (Marbella, Spain)
In Memoriam

Deutschland heil!

Sieg heil!

Heil Hitler!

[Generalmajor Otto-Ernst Remer]


Note on Homosexuality and Proctophilia

I have waiting in the wings a new and radical theory of homosexuality (which requires as its prerequisite my new and radical theory of human sexuality).  If such a thing can be summarized in but a few sentences:  Due to the influence of Christianity, most people confuse and conflate same-sex romantic relations (which are the principal destroyer of society) with same-sex physical activities.  The latter draw gut reactions, and also some level of morbid fascination; and yet it is the destruction of sex rôles and rejection of the sexual-reproductive nexus which are the real poison.  Homosexuality qua physical activity pales in relative significance, but for intrinsically harmful anal sex.  Really, it is a forest/trees issue.

If such seems like hair-splitting, consider the catastrophic errors (or perhaps malice) of one group who will object hereto most vehemently:  Postmodern churchmen who are so eager to fight fornication (and/or please the Jews), that they endorse the new and historically unprecedented evil known as „same-sex marriage“.  In their rush to confine sexual activity to church-approved relations, indeed, they have endorsed the destruction in total of the very concept of marriage, and even the concept of sexual dimorphism.  Continue reading “Note on Homosexuality and Proctophilia”

Waffen-ϟϟ: Heil Europa!

Adolf Hitler’s European vision is too little understood; and yet one cannot help but feel its essence, at the sight of the Waffen-SS fighting comradeship.  Unlike the Jewbible melding of nations, these men stayed as Danes, Belgians, Frenchmen, Latvians, Norwegians, Slovaks, Estonians, Russians, Ukrainians, &c.—each with his own flag and his own national pride.  Yet under the banner of the Swastika, they united their flags and stood together as Europeans.  Well indeed, not all the Waffen-SS units were even European; as such, they stood united as the defenders of the free world!

To all Aryan Europeans:  Heil Europa!

And to the hostiles who are not guests:  Handen weg!


Thanks to Der Kamerad.

A Note on Violence

A Galois note pertaining to a chapter or three in „The Domestication of Man“, and an original (or at least independent) observation on my part about violence:

Violence is unreal to people who grew up far away from the reality of farm life—instead dining on meats which come antiseptically wrapped in plastic, enjoying Hollywood’s magically neat and quick shooting deaths, immersing themselves in violent videogames, and watching faraway wars on the 11 o’clock news.

Such people do not feel the horror of violence in their guts—and also they are hypocritical cowards, who when faced by real violence can only use their trigger fingers to dial 911 in the hope that somebody else will do violence for them. That is the mental evasiveness requisite for what indeed is a full Nietzschean transvaluation, or rather inversion of values; with the end result being slave-morality pansies who panic and pray for their masters to wage extreme, sadistic, and gratuitous violence for the purported purposes of „keeping us safe from terrorism“ and „protecting freedom“. The word „freedom“ now meaning no more than a warm feeling from saying it. Well, with God having died and the blood of knights and martyrs been forgotten, what did Nietzsche say about staying safe and warm?

True Colours

Could it be, a new Black friend?  One who handled himself much better than most people realistically could in a public speaking situation—particularly when put on the spot by a New York Channel 2 CBS interviewer who, in a pique of false moral arrogance, condescended toward a Black workingman who evidently knows more history than most people of any race.  Introducing Gabriel Diaz:

This flips stereotypes topsy-turvy.  The New York media interviewer really treats Mr. Diaz like a nigger; whereas excepting his biologically innate speech and mannerisms, Mr. Diaz does not at all behave like one.  For those who are accustomed to passively absorbing the hypnotic emanations of the telescreen, I must highlight that why yes, the interviewer in other words essentially asked Mr. Diaz whether he had ever heard of the Holocaust—and also whether he realized that, y’know, „Nazis“ are all „racist“ and stuff.  Well, there are only three kinds of anthropoids for whom these questions could be answered in the negative:  Infants, mental defectives, and African apes.

Thank you for showing your true colours, New York Channel 2 CBS.  And thank you, Mr. Diaz, for standing up and drapetomaniacally insisting that you be permitted to hold opinions unfit for a house slave.

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Letter Patent from a Proud Fanatic

[The following was posted publicly in reply to some criticism I had received.  Time permitting, I may edit it to add links, or post more explanatory context; but the substance is here already, whereby I speak for myself as a proud fanatic!  —HS]

To start with, some personal context:  I am younger than you, but old enough to understand why you ask that question.  I agree with the Führer that a man cannot firmly set the foundations of his political opinions until age 30 (and that is only the start of a mature opinion).  Moreover, had you read any substantial portion of my other writings here or elsewhere, I doubt you would ask this question.  Thus you may satisfy yourself that I am not a hot-blooded youth, but rather, indeed, a genuine fanatic.  More on that in a moment.

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