Die Woche Olympia 1936

In celebration of the Eightieth Anniversary of the opening of the Eleventh Olympiad, please enjoy this quadrilingual Berlin Olympics book:  Die Woche Olympia 1936, Dr. L.H. Lorenz (Ed.), Verlag August Scherl (Berlin, 1936).

It opens with a special Foreword from Reichsminister Dr. Goebbels (boldface supplied with sadness):

Our hope was that political, economic, and comradely peace would be conferred upon us.  This hope, too, has been fulfilled, because the Eleventh Olympic Games have been a real Festivity of Peace. . . .  It may be said of them that they have ushered in a new epoch of true peace in all those fields of activity which join nations together.

Dr. Goebbels

The part pertaining to the Arts competitions starts at page p. 57 (PDF sheet 59), with the following message (boldface supplied):

When the Olympic Games were held in Greece, not only did the young athletes compete with one another, but the poets and singers joined their ranks.  The ideal of Greek education was not to forget the body in the training of the mind, nor the mind in training the body.  The Arts Competitions which form an important part of the Olympic Fête to-day, are held in exact accordance with the custom of Ancient Greece.

It should go without saying, the book also contains many beautiful photos of athletics, in which all participant nations and races are presented fairly in whatever glory they won for themselves.

Interesting aside:  Based on an informal headcount, I believe that Jesse Owens, the American negro, appears in more photographs than any other individual athlete in this book.  A photo caption on PDF sheet 32 describes him simply as, „The wonderful American runner and long-jumper Jesse Owens…“ So much for the racist „Nazis“ snubbing the poor black man.

(Note:  In case you are wondering, why yes, I did just retype the foregoing text by hand.  Any errors are mine.  These National Socialist artifacts are worth labours of love, large and small; please treasure them for your posterity.)

[Substantively cross-posted from a comment on Renegade Tribune.]


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