Medical News: ASSS Virus

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Infectious disease researchers to-day announced the most significant biological discovery since polymerase chain reaction, or perhaps even since the double-helix:

[Acquired Soul-Sucking Syndrome (ASSS/A666V) Virus, structure as discovered by Dr. Axe of Perun]

Jewish Acquired Soul-Sucking Syndrome (ASSS) Virus, also known as A666V has been identified, isolated, and structurally described by Herr Dr. Axe of Perun of the Renegade Institute, Adolf Hitler Biological Sciences Department.  National Socialist emergency response teams are currently being deployed to distribute the only preventive medicine known to be efficacious against this virus, copies of Mein Kampf.

The naming of the virus is tentative, and subject to concern that only American-English speakers, Jews, and American Jews would find a vulgar, Freudian anatomical double-entendre in the current proposal.

A paper formally describing this discovery is currently being retrieved from the memory hole.

Press Contact: Helmut Stuka, Propagandaministerium.


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