The Child of Your Race

One night whilst lying abed as a young child, I discovered what I believed to have been an original and unique observation sure to immortalize me in the annals of history:  The progression of 2, 4, 8, 16. . .  At preschool age, I was too lazy and undisciplined to perform all the mental carries necessary for doubling 8192; so I stopped at lucky 13.†  Well, imagine my shock at later learning that I had simply marked myself early-on as a proud „Reïnventor of the Wheel“.

(† It should surprise no one that I later found computational bit arithmetic a peculiar delight.)

Thus it is natural for me to consider that 2¹⁰ = 1024.  That is to say:  After a scant ten generations, which we may conservatively estimate at averaging 250 years, your descendants will each carry less than a thousandth part of you, mixed and joined with similar fractions of around 1023 others.  Also by implication, you, dear Aryan reader, are in every of your cells the bodily personal union of more than a thousand individual Aryans from only a quarter of a millennium ago!  (And at the same tenth-generation level, I am the personal union of approximately 512 Aryans with approximately 512 Mongoloids—all of whom now spinning in their graves, with their respective ancestral chains all now shattered in me.)

(This discussion deliberately ignores overlap for the sake of simplicity; it is obvious that at some point, threads from the same ancestor must rejoin in the same descendant—usually through cousins too distant to be considered incestuous, or even think of themselves as being „related“.  Indeed, the gravamen hereof is that all members of your race are related!)

Now consider a millennium, which is still in the cosmic sight of the gods but the blink of an eye.  On our same generational estimate, that approximates forty generations:  2⁴⁰ = 1099511627776, i.e. more than a trillion (>10¹²)!  Again, obviously, many of those trillion threads within you will originate from the same individual ancestors.  Yet still at that point, so many individuals within your racial family must be bodily joined in you that it may be safely said:  You are the common son or daughter of your nation, and even of your whole race.

Counting from the time when Armin walked the Earth 2000 years ago:  2⁸⁰ = 1208925819614629174706176.

Counting from the time of still cosmically recent ten thousand year old cities, of which we have archæological evidence to-day:  2⁴⁰⁰ = 2582249878 0869085896 5591917200 3011874329 7057928292 2351283065 9356540647 6220168411 9462964535 32801378314 35903171972 747493376 (number haphazardly split so as not to break your web browser rendering)

Not only are you the child of millions, but also you are the child of millions combined and recombined over and again, in billions and trillions of different ways!  Wherefore:

Imagine an entire nation coming together and bodily joining in some mystic heathen festival to produce a single child.  In the course of time, you are that child.  Now imagine physically joining yourself in bodily, marital union with all the peoples of your nation.  Your descendants a thousand years from now are the products of that union, here and now.

To all who read this, men and women alike:  Look on the streets around you.  The men you see are the great-great-grandfathers of the men who will sire offspring by your great-great-granddaughters.  The women you see are the foremothers of your great-great-grandsons’ wives.  I hope you like that idea—I hope that they are people you can accept as part of your own family, as men whose seed you would bring to grow inside your own body, as women in whose wombs you personally wish to regenerate yourself.  In a sense, you are or will be irrevocably more than married to them all.  I hope they are of your race, both biologically and spiritually.

The great genius of the Führer, a man outside time, is that he understood this all!  I do not know whether he worked it out mathematically, as I just did on a back-of-the-envelope basis; great geniuses are oft capable of knowing essential truths by instinct and intuition rather than rigourous calculation, a capacity which frees the limited time of each day to be devoted for tasks such as practical statesmanship.  But he knew it certainly, on a deeper level than is possible to describe in words.

An understanding of all which I have just sketched is implicit throughout the whole architecture of Adolf Hitler’s National Socialism, from its foundations to its finishing touches—from its theory, to every aspect of its practical implementation.  It is a philosophy and system of governance for one people who are ultimately of one body and one soul.  Which is essential, for Nature commands by the mathematics of power-of-two exponential reproduction that you shall become one with those whom you accept as members of your community and „citizens“ in your nation.  It is up to you to make sure they are your racial kin, bodily and spiritually.

And men who understand this last, whether consciously or through instincts awakened by an ingenious Leader, come to say as per this article:  „We acted as if under compulsion.  Even had we wished to, we could not be untrue to the movement without having our hearts torn out of our breasts.“  I can attest as much; even (or especially) after a life on the wrong path, it is the compulsion of suddenly seeing some truth at once so beautiful and so vulnerable, that to abandon it would be suicide of the soul.  At that point, survival of the body becomes a tactical and logistical matter of preserving the ability to serve the strategic cause:  Survival for the purpose of accomplishing a mission, no more, no less.

Set that mission in your mind; then watch, weep, and get ready to fight:

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[Drawn from a comment here.]


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