The Mathematics of Posterity

I want to help you grasp this intuitively; for it is a profound concept which could not only expand your understanding of your own ancestry, but also help you explain the race issue to others.

First, take as a bare fact that exponential doubling is a powerful concept.  Mammon rules the globe to-day; and most people (other than you) will most immediately get the impact if put in terms of Jewdollars:  If you were to be given a penny on Day 0, two pennies on Day 1, and so forth for only thirty days, you would receive in total more than $10 million (2⁰¢ + 2¹¢ + … + 2²⁸¢ + 2²⁹¢ = (2³⁰ – 1)¢ = $10737418.23, to be precise).  (Note that thirty days are indexed 0 to 29, a concept which will be familiar to C programmers.)

Once upon a time, I tried to explain the doubling of pennies to a Jew.  Without even hesitating to think, he insisted point-blank that it was impossible.  Figures.  You, by contrast, are probably smart enough to pause and realize that the universe is a deep and fascinating place, wherein Nature has kept in store many secrets and surprises.  Moreover, even if you don’t want to work through the numbers yourself, Dead White Men did you the favour of inventing desk calculators and computers you can use to quickly double-check my equations.  You need not take my word for it.

Now working backward in time, and keeping in mind that the exact same process works also with your descendants, skim down this list and observe how the numbers of your ancestry grow really, really fast:

You are generation 0: 2⁰ = 1 person.
Generation 1: You have 2¹ = 2 parents.
Generation 2: You have 2² = 4 grandparents.
Generation 3: You have 2³ = 8 great-grandparents.
Generation 4: You have 2⁴ = 16 great-great-grandparents.
Generation 5: You have 2⁵ = 32 great-great-great-grandparents.
Generation 6: You have 2⁶ = 64 great-great-great-great-grandparents.
Generation 7: You have 2⁷ = 128 great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.
Generation 8: You have 2⁸ = 256 great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.
Generation 9: You have 2⁹ = 512 great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents.
Generation 10: You have 2¹⁰ = 1024 great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents, only ≈250 years ago!
Generation 40: You have 2⁴⁰ = 1099511627776 (>10¹²; more than a trillion) ancestors at this level, only ≈1000 years ago!

Obviously, there were not nearly that many people on Earth 1000 years ago.  (There are not even that many anthropoid primates on Earth to-day, even counting vast numbers of niggers, apes, and Jews—who all are, and must remain outside your bloodline.)  The same threads rejoin over and again, usually through distant cousins who do not even realize they share one or more common ancestors.  Indeed you, dear Aryan reader, are some degree of blood relative to every White person on Earth.  That is what it means to be of the same race!

By contrast:

You share zero common ancestors with a coal-black Nigerian.  Don’t believe what the twisted neo-Darwinist out-of-Africa pushers tell you; it is pseudoscientific garbage, pure fantasy.  Your ancestors were never niggers, not ten thousand years ago and not a million years ago.  (That is the Judaized „mainstream“ brainwash; there are also Afrocentrist lunatics who actually believe that all „humans“ were Black as recently as 2000 years ago, and Whiteness is a recent aberration.)

You share zero common ancestors with a pureblooded Mongolian.  (Chinese and Japanese, who are incomparably more advanced than Mongolians, have a tiny amount of Aryan in them.  For a very brief nontechnical overview of the spread of the Aryan, see Mein Kampf I ch. 11; and relate same to II ch. 2.)

You share zero common ancestors with an Australoid pygmy.  (The lowest species of „human“, who make niggers seem like culturally creative geniuses by comparison.  Interestingly, lowest-caste Indians have a dose of Australoid blood, likely a product of continental drift; whereas highest-caste Indians bear the mark of Aryan ancestry from the time of the original Brahmans, thus the origin of the Sanskrit word „Aryan“.  And by the way, looking from India to Persia, the word „Iran“ derives from an etymology literally meaning „Land of the Aryans“.  Race-mixing and the consequent downfall of great civilizations is one of the oldest stories in human history.)

The Jews are a mongrel race.  Every Jew has some nigger blood, at least 5% and oft upwards of 30%—even Jews who have blond hair and blue eyes.  This has been demonstrated by Jew-friendly genetic testing ($SEARCH Mourant et al.).  Every Jew also has some White blood, even the dark-looking ones; and all Jews have a heaping dose of Oriental Yellow.  Ashkenazic or Sephardic, they are all Jews and all share a very mixed-up common ancestry.  I personally suspect there is something else in them also; perhaps a retrovirus from outer space or the abyss of Hell, the Evil Virus recently isolated and identified as A666V (and I am only half-joking when I say that).


Understand that when I wax lyrical over how „you are the common daughter of your nation“ or „you are the common son of your nation“, it is not poetic hyperbole.  You really are, mathematically!

Look with ever-increasing admiration at the one man, the one Führer who designed, organized, and built a racial State fully consistent with an understanding of the foregoing.  „The State is only the vessel and the race is what it contains.  The vessel can have a meaning only if it preserves and safeguards the contents.  Otherwise it is worthless.“  (Mein Kampf II ch. 2.)

And understand that the total self-sacrificing idealism of National Socialists is only natural:  For whether or not any individual National Socialist crunched the numbers as I just did, the Führer awakened in them (in us!) an intuitive and instinctual understanding that they, we fight for nothing less than the existence of posterity, and thus the foundation of Earthly immortality.  No man who lives for posterity can ever really die—at least, not unless the Jew succeeds in exterminating all of Amalek!  Death of the individual is not to be feared.  Extinction is an eternal death to be regarded with sheer terror, and fought accordingly.

Ich kämpfe!

Heil Hitler und heil Armin.

[Drawn from a comment here.]


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