DOWNLOADS: Corneliu Codreanu – For My Legionaries, The Iron Guard…! #543 (PDF)

Note to my readers:  The book linked below is an English translation.  I have long wished to read Corneliu Codreanu’s works; and now naturally, I flip down first with keen interest to his observations on Germany.  Quoting the PDF’s page 44:

There, in the midst of the misery in which the German people struggled, I was impressed by the spirit of discipline, the capacity for labor, sense of duty, correctitude, power of resistance, and the faith in better days. . . .  I had many discussions with the students at Berlin in 1922, who are certainly Hitlerites today, and I am proud to have been their teacher in anti-Semitism, exporting to them the truths I learned in Iasi.  Of Adolf Hitler I heard for the first time around the middle of October 1922.  I had gone to a worker in North Berlin with whom I established a good relationship, who was making „swastikas.“  His narne was Strumpf and he lived at 3 Salzwedeler Strasse.  He told me:  „It is said that an anti-Semitic movement has been started in Muenchen by a 36 year old painter, Hitler.  It seems to me he is the man we Germans have been waiting for.“  The foresight of this worker was fulfilled.

Heil Hitler!


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