True Colours

Could it be, a new Black friend?  One who handled himself much better than most people realistically could in a public speaking situation—particularly when put on the spot by a New York Channel 2 CBS interviewer who, in a pique of false moral arrogance, condescended toward a Black workingman who evidently knows more history than most people of any race.  Introducing Gabriel Diaz:

This flips stereotypes topsy-turvy.  The New York media interviewer really treats Mr. Diaz like a nigger; whereas excepting his biologically innate speech and mannerisms, Mr. Diaz does not at all behave like one.  For those who are accustomed to passively absorbing the hypnotic emanations of the telescreen, I must highlight that why yes, the interviewer in other words essentially asked Mr. Diaz whether he had ever heard of the Holocaust—and also whether he realized that, y’know, „Nazis“ are all „racist“ and stuff.  Well, there are only three kinds of anthropoids for whom these questions could be answered in the negative:  Infants, mental defectives, and African apes.

Thank you for showing your true colours, New York Channel 2 CBS.  And thank you, Mr. Diaz, for standing up and drapetomaniacally insisting that you be permitted to hold opinions unfit for a house slave.

For those who live in an ivory tower or a comfortable suburban bourgeois bubble, I must also point out that Mr. Diaz is a taxicab driver working in a cesspool of a postmodern American city.  Though I am disappointed that Mr. Diaz repeatedly met important questions with a nervous „no comment“, I understand why:  His free speech was chilled by fear of actual violence, terroristic violence by definition.  In a word, he did not want to wind up as a François Duprat (Z״L; a nationalist French politician and „Holocaust denier“, murdered in 1978 by a car-bomb which also maimed his wife Jeanne; responsibility was claimed by a self-described „Jewish Remembrance Commando“).  I give Duprat as only one historically famous and spectacular example; more mundane daily violence against „anti-Semites“, „neo-Nazis“, and „Holocaust deniers“ is rather to be expected, though it is usually kept out of the mainstream media.  On account of that last, only people with anti-Jewish opinions know how dangerous those opinions can be (or they find out the hard way).  This is not to mention personal destruction and economic warfare, which is not only possible, but certain—as Mr. Diaz himself found out, having already been suspended from the kind of job which does not pay well enough to permit a month’s unwanted vacation.

Moreover, Mr. Diaz must be street-wise to the fact that he is far worse at risk than a White „anti-Semite“ with even a moderate public profile.  After all, the nonracist egalitarian bourgeoise never get their feathers ruffled when some dark-skinned cabbie gets blown away.  It is unremarkable, just an everyday event in faraway niggertown.  Whereas they tend to get, well, terrorized when car-bombs go off anywhere they might find their own cowardly, selfish selves to be passers-by.

For all his talk about his rights, Mr. Diaz’s behaviour belies his realization that the wrong words about the Jews could get him a bullet in the head or a knife in his back.  And if such were to occur after the media circus has run its ✡Warhol 15 minutes, nobody would even notice the dead Black cabbie.  Nobody would even care whether the murder was politically motivated, or the handiwork of some drug addict in search of twenty Jewbucks.  For going by actions and not words, black lives don’t matter—except when ✡Soros can herd cattle of all colours into a charade whereby chip-on-the-shoulder angry Blacks pretend to be oppressed, and guilt-drenched egalitarian Whites pretend to care.

[Helmut Stuka] I say the foregoing as somebody who earnestly desires to stand up and openly declare his political opinions—to „come out of the closet“, so to speak.  I have nothing to hide, except from people who answer words with sticks and stones; and I am most certainly not ashamed of being right!  I am proud that whatever I have gotten wrong in my life, I have been more or less a „racist“ since age ten, when I received a rude awakening as to the race problem (and my own part therein).  I am proud to know that being a so-called „racist“ means loving one’s own, hating only those who would destroy one’s own (and hating them heartily).  The fact that the photo of me on my „about“ page is currently just a few decades outdated, is my version of „no comment“.

Having addressed the subtleties most people will miss in that interview, I must highlight a fact found baffling by bigots who only think they know what the „Nazis“ stood for:  The universal appeal of Adolf Hitler.  In a nutshell, National Socialist racialism is about having such pride in one’s own ancestry (the National part), that each mortal individual will give wholly of himself or herself to build in common their immortal posterity (the Socialist part).

Of course neither pride nor posterity may be had by a slave, thus the National Socialist emphasis on freedom—real freedom, not the „freedom“ of Coke/Pepsi Democrat/Republican false choices—and not the so-called „freedom“ to destroy one’s race and one’s self with unlimited promiscuity, homosexuality, drug abuse, and worst of all, miscegenation.  Rather, the freedom to produce and prosper on one’s own soil, free of usury and parasitism—the freedom to raise a family, without encroaching subversions which drive a wedge between the generations—the freedom to devote one’s own sweat to one’s own blood, rather than labouring ever in the service of alien masters.  And yes, such implies the freedom to stand up and say to the Jews:  Begone, and take with you all your alleged help and wisdom!  Just leave us alone!

Such an integral combination of racial pride, selfless altruism, and long-term thinking is not a Whites-only proposition.  Thus looking beyond the oversimplified Black/White divide, most European and North American Whites would be astonished to find that Adolf Hitler is more popular in Latin America and parts of East Asia than he ever could be amongst people whose brains are washed with self-loathing:

[Blonde girl with blue-grey eyes, with slogans condemning Whiteness inked (or rather, apparently photoshopped) all over her face.]
Whites are literally defaced!

European and North American Whites who so hate themselves are on the same grounds blinded to any evidence which contradicts the „✡Hollywood Hitler“ simulacrum, which flies a false flag over an image which bears no actual resemblance to National Socialism.  They lack the perspective of those of any race who love their own people, and don’t particularly care what opinions are enforced in (or by) the USA-EU Axis of Evil.  But those who have such perspective are free to see Adolf Hitler for who he really was, and what he really represents.  Indeed, I happened across the photo and videos on this page in a 20. April birthday ode titled Adolf Hitler, Un Paladín para Toda la Humanidad (English translation: „Adolf Hitler, Champion for All Mankind“—either a Hamsun quote, or an independent observation by somebody else who understands Adolf Hitler!).

With that in mind, come full circle and meet Ray Hagins:

In addition to being uncommonly knowledgeable not only about recent events, but also some rather esoteric matters, Mr. Hagins has self-evidently paid more attention to how the world really works than the fluffy White Sheep who line up to be shorn of their „privilege“.  Though he and I might have a lively discussion about some of the esoteric details, I expect it would be just that—a lively and rather interesting discussion with somebody who understands Adolf Hitler’s universal message of race, posterity, and freedom.

In closing, I must urge viewers to not be prejudiced against these men’s message by their manner of speech.  Physical wiring for vocalizing phonemes, patterns of body language, and also instinctual means of social communication such as the „call-response“ showed by Mr. Hagins are all biologically mediated.  No imputation can be thereupon made as to general intelligence—which though also biologically mediated, follows the famous bell-shaped curve (now so called because the term „Gaussian distribution“ glorifies a Dead White Man).  Thus yes, if you are White or Asian, they are different from you—but no, that is not a reason to brush off the messenger when the message objectively makes sense.  It is not ironic, but rather a matter of hypocrisy that most who need this reminder about substance would proudly describe themselves as „egalitarian“.  And in so saying, I speak from long-suffering experience dealing with White egalitarians who show their true colours when a non-White dares to disagree with them.


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