A Note on Violence

A Galois note pertaining to a chapter or three in „The Domestication of Man“, and an original (or at least independent) observation on my part about violence:

Violence is unreal to people who grew up far away from the reality of farm life—instead dining on meats which come antiseptically wrapped in plastic, enjoying Hollywood’s magically neat and quick shooting deaths, immersing themselves in violent videogames, and watching faraway wars on the 11 o’clock news.

Such people do not feel the horror of violence in their guts—and also they are hypocritical cowards, who when faced by real violence can only use their trigger fingers to dial 911 in the hope that somebody else will do violence for them. That is the mental evasiveness requisite for what indeed is a full Nietzschean transvaluation, or rather inversion of values; with the end result being slave-morality pansies who panic and pray for their masters to wage extreme, sadistic, and gratuitous violence for the purported purposes of „keeping us safe from terrorism“ and „protecting freedom“. The word „freedom“ now meaning no more than a warm feeling from saying it. Well, with God having died and the blood of knights and martyrs been forgotten, what did Nietzsche say about staying safe and warm?


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