Waffen-ϟϟ: Heil Europa!

Adolf Hitler’s European vision is too little understood; and yet one cannot help but feel its essence, at the sight of the Waffen-SS fighting comradeship.  Unlike the Jewbible melding of nations, these men stayed as Danes, Belgians, Frenchmen, Latvians, Norwegians, Slovaks, Estonians, Russians, Ukrainians, &c.—each with his own flag and his own national pride.  Yet under the banner of the Swastika, they united their flags and stood together as Europeans.  Well indeed, not all the Waffen-SS units were even European; as such, they stood united as the defenders of the free world!

To all Aryan Europeans:  Heil Europa!

And to the hostiles who are not guests:  Handen weg!


Thanks to Der Kamerad.


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