Note on Homosexuality and Proctophilia

I have waiting in the wings a new and radical theory of homosexuality (which requires as its prerequisite my new and radical theory of human sexuality).  If such a thing can be summarized in but a few sentences:  Due to the influence of Christianity, most people confuse and conflate same-sex romantic relations (which are the principal destroyer of society) with same-sex physical activities.  The latter draw gut reactions, and also some level of morbid fascination; and yet it is the destruction of sex rôles and rejection of the sexual-reproductive nexus which are the real poison.  Homosexuality qua physical activity pales in relative significance, but for intrinsically harmful anal sex.  Really, it is a forest/trees issue.

If such seems like hair-splitting, consider the catastrophic errors (or perhaps malice) of one group who will object hereto most vehemently:  Postmodern churchmen who are so eager to fight fornication (and/or please the Jews), that they endorse the new and historically unprecedented evil known as „same-sex marriage“.  In their rush to confine sexual activity to church-approved relations, indeed, they have endorsed the destruction in total of the very concept of marriage, and even the concept of sexual dimorphism.  Really, „experimentation“ or even regularized recreational bisexuality are sweet innocence itself compared to the provision of a legal, social, and religious imprimatur upon long-term, stable, (allegedly) monogamous homosexual romances.  Whereas concrete-bound, rather pruriently-minded Jewbible-thumpers lie awake at night worrying about who puts what where without a wedding ring.

All that being said, there is one increasingly popular physical activity which is intrinsically harmful—when practiced regularly between males and females, and most particularly as between males, as to whom it is sui generis in its unavoidable implication of a psychic sex-rôle replacement.  Precise words facilitate precise thinking; and I have a need of one therefor right now.  Thus out of the handful of neologisms I have coined to adequately describe the homosexual problem, herewith this Galois Note preliminarily defines the term „proctophilia“, so as to provide an initial reference for its use.  Subject to revision and refinement.

proctophilia, n.
1. A criminal psychopathology wherein the subject identifies the anus as the locus of primary sexual fixation.  Usually but not always manifested as a fundament of male homosexuality; otherwise a pathologically abusive preferential fixation as to women, which nullifies the nature of womanhood by avoiding and replacing the reproductive nexus.
2. Any preference for or regular practice of anal-genital and/or oral-anal sex.

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