Happy Birthday, Helga Goebbels!

Were it not for the Jews, she would now be celebrating her eighty-fourth birthday with her great-grandchildren—and the families of her younger brother and sisters.  (Perhaps Harald, too; but let us not speculate too much.)

In Memoriam:

Helga Susanne Goebbels
* 1. September 1932/43.
† 1. Mai 1945/56.

[Tag der Ruhe. Der Führer und die kleine Helga Goebbels]

Heil Hitler!

[Sorry, I could not post this earlier.  Have been offline.  Still picking up the pieces.  And Word-press initially refused my post with an error message.  I had actually considered scheduling these birthday salutes at least some weeks in advance; but it seemed like cheating.  Live and learn!]


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