Challenging Anti-German Flat Earth Disinformation

[Update 2016-09-13 02:54Z:  The following text was left as a comment on the referenced 2016-09-06 radio show.  It disappeared without a trace into the moderation queue; and another reply I simultaneously left on the 2016-08-30 thread was deleted.]

I was prevented from following up on the this 2016-08-30 Renegade Flat Earth thread by real-life concerns which continue to demand my attention.  I neither have time now to address the issue adequately, nor desire to do so on a Renegade site.  However, on grounds that there is already too much disinformation concerning the German National Socialists, the following must be addressed directly—both on my own site, and at Renegade.  I will intentionally keep the question narrow.

Quoting Sinead McCarthy’s 2016-09-06 radio show @56:49–57:32, and replying thereto:

I’ve actually been looking into concave theory, which—I’m reading some places that the National Socialists looked into many different models.  So I don’t know where this whole, ah, idea comes from, that the National Socialists were only believers in the ah, the Spherical Model.  I mean, they were looking into Hollow Earth.  Oh those stupid, stupid Aryan scientists, right?  I’m going to do more later in the show on Victor Showberger, and, ah, you know, coming up to Tesla, and things like this.  Um, I just—[laughs]—I don’t know.  People are really simple-minded, honestly; like, it’s—it’s pretty pathetic.

In lingo familiar to those raised on Jewipedia, [citation needed].  If you can provide even one authentic scientific document published anywhere in the Reich with official approval between 1933-03-23 (date of the Enabling Act) and 1945-05-01 supporting the notion that the Earth is flat, I will publicly eat crow.  In fact, if you can locate such a document, I myself will republish it—with my apologies—and advocate for open discussion of whatever it says.  Really.  Just show one document clearly contradicting that German National Socialists were „believers in the Spherical Model“, as you put it.

I circumscribe acceptable sources carefully; for if you look to enemy lie-propaganda (published outside the Reich, or anywhere after 1945), you can find conclusive proof that Dietrich Eckart was a Satanist, the NSDAP was a tentacle of big banks, BDM was promiscuity camp for teenage girls, the SS gassed six million Jews, and Adolf Hitler was a homosexual with a Jewish grandfather.  Surely also that German scientists believed the Earth was flat; after all, they were so stupid as to „reject Einstein“, right?  There exists an extraordinary amount of lie-propaganda misrepresenting science in the Third Reich, which was so badly corrupted and suppressed by the „anti-intellectual Nazis“ that the Americans had to do the Germans the favour of stealing all of it.

Note the word „authentic“.  So-called Zweites Buch is on its face a forgery; the Goebbels Diaries are at best heavily interpolated by the KGB; and plenty of forged or altered documents appeared during the Nuremberg Show Trials.  I mean something actually published and distributed in the Reich, not later claimed to have been produced there (no doubt in secret, to protect the sacred mystery of Flat Earth Theory).

I do not mean necessarily a National Socialist state policy document.  National Socialists permitted a wide range of free intellectual inquiry; in the extreme case, I know of at least one instance in which a German university even permitted open criticism of NS racial policy.  (Dr. Guido Landra, an Italian anthropologist, lecturing at the University of Berlin in 1939.  Nothing bad happened to him; he did not attack the Aryan race, of course, but rather argued that NS racial policy would eventually fragment German society as the Hindu caste system had fragmented Indian society.)  However, I do mean a scientific document (journal paper, monograph, article, &c.) published by a reputable German scientist (not a crank, such as may exist in any country), and not censored by the NS cultural or scientific authorities.  That is what I mean by „official approval“—really, more the absence of official disapproval.  Such is a very lenient standard.

I note further the following:

• The seamless rhetorical bait-and-switch to talk of whether a necessarily round Earth is hollow—a wholly different proposition about which I will on principle say nothing, because it is a red herring in this discussion.

• The reference to Tesla, as from whom an apocryphal quote was produced in the 2016-08-30 thread.  A thoughtful regular commenter who requested a source for that quote was flamed, insulted, abused, and downvoted into oblivion.

• A Renegade Flat Earther proudly described his own Flat Earth advocacy, in his own words, as „anti-intellectualism at its best“—in an article later dumped down the memory hole by Renegade.  For a race which has its culture, its art, and its science to distinguish it as being more than just prettier-looking niggers, this is pure racial poison.  The same essay urges that „you should consider Flat Earth as a useful myth“ (link as in the original), which refers to an essay which proclaims (emphasis as in the original):  „It doesn’t matter whether a myth is ‚true or false.‘  What counts biologically is whether actions serve life or not.“  Well, so much for so-called truth-seeking; by that standard, it does not matter whether the Holocaust myth is „true or false“, because it is biologically useful to the Jews.  Cf. Deborah Lipstadt’s spin of Jewish Soap as a „sort of a metaphor… to show how horrible the Nazis were.“  This is 100% Jewish thinking.

Heil Aristarchus, heil Copernicus, heil Galileo, heil Kepler—und heil Hitler!


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