Note on the Causality of the White Race

It is common for White racialists to posit that the Aryan was refined through countless millennia of surviving hardship in cold old Europe.  The theory goes that Europeans, being faced with harsh changes of seasons, evolved to have better brains and more refined instincts for long-term planning.  Whereas jungle bunnies who could live for moment, as animals are (perhaps incorrectly) presumed to do, never evolved beyond the level of a typical nigger.

This materialistic, neo-Darwinist theory is upside-down and backwards; and frankly, it is insulting to the White Man.  It also smacks of a Lysenkoist focus on environmental factors.  I posit rather the opposite:

Proposition 1:  Aryans became the sole „indigenous“ inhabitants of Europe because of who they were already—partly or wholly because they were already able to survive in Europe, even in the much harsher European climactic conditions thousands of years ago.

In other words, winter did not make the European, but rather embraced the European as he already was:  A thinker, an inventor, and a long-term planner.


  • Aryans are known, or reasonably suspected, to have long inhabited all parts of the Earth except Antarctica.  India, Iran (the name of which means „Land of the Aryans“), and Ægypt are all positively known to have once been Aryan strongholds.  There is also significant evidence of Aryan involvement in ancient China, and good reason to suspect an ancient Aryan presence in the Americas.

  • Non-Aryans are known to inhabit harsh climes, too.  The most popularly recognizable case would be the Eskimos.  And Asiatics of various kinds have proved quite adept at surviving a brutish existence in Siberia.  Though it is true that no nigger (or worse, Australoid pygmy) could ever survive a harsh climate, the Yellow Man is just as good as the White at eking out subsistence amidst snow, ice, and deeply subfreezing temperatures.  And yet if you compare the Eskimo to the Norseman, you will find they are still in every way quite different species.

  • The notion that Aryans „evolved“ to fit Europe suffers the same chicken-and-egg problem of all Darwinian types of species-origin theories:  Any species manifestly incapable of surviving in Europe, would have died out at the first touch of winter and thus, never had the chance to „evolve“ into an Aryan.

    Really, consider a typical nigger from the Congo.  Transplant him to Siberia (which to-day best approximates conditions in ancient Germany), with no access to things invented by Dead White Men.  He will be dead by the time September rolls around; forget about January.  He will never reproduce at all, let alone magically change himself over long periods of time into an Aryan.  And those who might suggest slow change over the course of a slow migration, should study some geography and learn about how drastically different climates can be within relatively short spans of distance.

    (Strategic note:  Imported niggers survive in a much warmer Europe to-day only because they are wearing mass-produced polyester fleeces, eating food produced through very un-African methods, and sheltering in fiberglass-insulated structures heated with petroleum-burning modern furnaces.  All things created by the White Man, no doubt to oppress them.  They would start dying en masse rather painfully before the first December day of the first year they were to cease being so oppressed.  Fight the oppression!)

  • Aryans in mild and especially, luxuriant climes were exposed to the presence of non-Aryans, with whom they eventually miscegenated.  Racial mixing has always been the worst possible danger to the Aryan, and the destroyer of every Aryan civilization.

    Had some hardy strain of Asiatics happened to also inhabit Europe, I think the Aryan would have been totally extinct thousands of years ago; and „Europeans“ to-day would essentially be civilized Eskimos with a touch of Aryan blood, like cold-weather Chinamen.  (As it is, certain European nations do have a small strain of Asiatic in them—a fact which in pointing out, I mean no disrespect.)  Europa is only White because, for reasons unknown, Whites got there first; warlike ancient Germanics fought off any later Asiatic incursions which are known to have occurred, while the forbidding chill of winter warded off any other hostile species.

Which leads me to:

Proposition 2:  The harsh environment of Europe preserved the Aryan, by helping to isolate him from other races; whereas in all milder climates, the Aryan destroyed himself with miscegenation.

Which leaves the question, where did the White Man originate?  The correct answer is, I don’t know—and nobody else knows, either.  Perhaps the Aryan really did originate in the land which is now Europe—and perhaps this occurred so long ago, that continental drift renders contemporary geography irrelevant (just as there is a strain of Australoid in India).  Or perhaps the Aryan originated in what is now India, or the Americas.  Or perhaps the Aryan arrived in a spaceship from Mars, or was cast down to Earth from the fires of the Sun.  Who can say?

Such evidence as does exist is scanty, and open to interpretation.  Absent conclusive evidence, people should not proffer mere speculation and fantasy as fact.  And except from a purely scientific and academic perspective, the question is unimportant.  For all purposes pertaining both to politics and to everyday life, the past few thousand years of known history provide sufficient information for us to conclude without a doubt that the Aryan is a unique species which must be preserved at all costs.

That objective can be met foremost through those of Aryan blood knowing well these facts:  That they are the peoples who have inhabited all climates, and were not created by European snow and ice.  That they are not niggers who were just forced by the gods of winter to became paler and better at advance planning.  And above all, that Europe is their last homeland, since all other ancient Aryan homelands are now the inheritance of mongrel nations—some better; some worse; and none capable of creating ab initio the gifts of their distant Aryan ancestors.


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