Dr. Goebbels’ Round Earth Propaganda

„Flat Earth Theory“ is to Aryan Science as Dadaism is to Aryan Art.

[Dr. Joseph Goebbels in his office, next to a round globe, on 1. August 1937; photo juxtaposed with insulting quotes from „Flat Earth“ advocates.]

[Edit:  Since Sinead’s 2016-09-13 show is not yet released, the foregoing graphic is posted with the above slogan in the most pertinent thread (proof).  We shall see how long it stays there.]

Quotes refer either to things said by Kyle Hunt himself, or to invective let stand by him in a thread (reference snapshot) where he was freely dropping the ban hammer on Round Earth dissidents.

Sorry I forgot to add that Dr. Goebbels has „triggeritis“ and was really simple-minded, honestly; like, [he’s] pretty pathetic.

I am pushing this point because the more I dig, the more I realize how destructive this „Flat Earth“ poison is:  Racially destructive, culturally destructive, socially destructive, politically destructive.  A practical propagandist like Dr. Goebbels would immediately recognize its dangers, and ban it.

By now, I am positively convinced that it is no mere accident, but rather, a carefully calculated ploy; and the credibility of many good people is on the line.  Including myself, and including persons who have made far greater sacrifices than I have.  Including persons who have been or may soon be unjustly imprisoned for violating thoughtcrime laws.  For my own part, I do not think the cosmos will be balanced until I adequately compensate for the numerous comments I left in under two months at Renegade Tribune¹—plus the publicly invisible offline efforts I have made to promote Renegade productions, which have included effusively praising Renegade for its factual accuracy.

(¹ Ye gods, I just realized that between 2016-07-06 and 2016-08-30 inclusive, I made a total of exactly 666 published comments on Renegade sites:  659 comments as myself on Renegade Tribune, 5 there under the openly disclosed satirical pen name of „Nathan Ginsburg“, and 2 as myself on Renegade Broadcasting.  Two more I have since attempted were rejected or deleted—leaving me at stuck at 666.  Ugh.  I think the Jews are laughing it up, there—I mean about how closely I associated myself with a site without first thoroughly digging through its publication history, not about number games which are meaningless Jewish nonsense.)

And the question of whether malice or stupidity is at fault, is worse than irrelevant.  Flat Earth pushers would need to be the dumbest Jewish patsies in history to not realize the effects of this trash; whereas Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy both have public track records of untangling Jewish ploys many others fall for, such as Donald Trump.  They and at least one other Renegade contributor (Lorenz Kraus) indeed have a way of speaking perfect sense about critical issues—and then suddenly, at the worst possible moment, dropping in Flat Earth or similarly anti-intellectual corrosives.  Whereupon against even the most well-reasoned protests, Captain Hunt’s and his wife’s ultimate retort is an asocial argument from proprietorship along the lines of, „My site, my show; if you don’t like it, leave.“  That, delivered with base insults—and accompanied by boasts of how much they have done for a cause actively harmed by their „Flat Earth“ agenda, as opposed to the nobodies who complain about it.

Implications are left as an exercise to the reader.


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