Dr. Goebbels Bans „Flat Earth Theory“

Scientists like to generalize; and moreover, „Flat Earth Theory“ is a subtle kind of class warfare.  Thus, the following decree is hereby issued to assist those who are getting hit with garbage along the lines of, „I see you love Adolf Hitler, Deny The Holocaust, and believe the Earth is flat!  Hahaha!“

[„‚Flat Earth Theory‘ is to Aryan Science as Dadaism is to Aryan Art. This man would ban both Jew poisons: DR. GOEBBELS“]

The more I think about it, the more I realize that Race Denialism is a kind of Flat Earth theory.

Indeed, I see Flat Earthers using the same combination of pseudoscientific sophistry and emotionalist argumentation as ✡Boazian anthropologists have used to convince millions of people that race is just a „social construct“.  Also similar methods to those used by the ✡Cultural Marxists to convince many that „gender“ is just a „social construct“, too.  All conclusions which deny basic scientific facts.


Denying that race exists, and saying that the White Man is equal to a nigger, is just as stupid as saying that the Earth is flat.

Denying that the sexes exist, and saying that trannies and homosexual faggots are normal human beings, is just as stupid as saying that the Earth is flat.

Pretending that Jews are White is just as stupid as saying that the Earth is flat.

Whereas the real National Socialists abhorred stupidity, and rejected all forms of class warfare—including both prissy bourgeois pseudo-intellectual snobbishness, and brutish self-proclaimed „anti-intellectualism“.  The Reich Labour Service sent the sons of professors and rocket scientists to learn the value of manual labour alongside the sons of farmers and factory workers.  And the Reich made a free university education the right of any German youth who could meet the high admission standards of German universities—without regard to racially divisive notions of social class.  Universities which taught the work of great Aryan scientists such as Aristarchus, Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler.

And that is why the only true workers’ movement in Germany, the NSDAP, gathered in the support of those Ph.D. holders who were willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with their national brothers, and fight for their race.  It is why the primarily working-class SA men proudly called Dr. Goebbels „Unser Doktor“.  As „der Kämpfer um Berlin“, he marched at the head of SA columns against violent Communist mobs.  He did that as an intellectual and a scholar of first rank—the kind who likes an office lined with bookshelves, with a giant globe standing in the corner.

Photo caption:  „Der Redner Dr. Goebbels kämpft um die deitsche Groẞstadt“
Text:  „Wer kennt ihn nicht?!  ‚Der Kämpfer um Berlin‘ wird er genannt.  ‚Unser Doktor‘ heiẞt er bei der SA.“
Source:  Kampf um’s Dritte Reich: Eine Historische Bilderfolge.  Heinrich Hoffman, et al.  (Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld, Berlin, 1933.)

That is German National Socialism.


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