What a Flat Earther Looks Like

Equals?  B.o.B. (@bobatl) v. Dr. Wernher von Braun
(Print Quality)

Look at the above photo, and realize that this nigger’s rhetoric seems very familiar to anybody who has been on Renegade sites lately:

[„A lot of people are turned off by the phrase ‚flat earth‘ ... but there's no way u can see all the evidence and not know... grow up“ — B.o.B. (nigger), 2016-01-24]

I can understand that a nigger would think that way.  Oh my, I suppose I must be an Ignorant Racist Bigot—but at least I don’t believe that the Earth is flat!  Note that though I welcome alliance with right-thinking folk of all non-Jewish races, that does not include those who make you shake your head and say, no wonder niggers have had so much trouble even acquiring use of the wheel (forget about inventing it).  Indeed, both Dr. Goebbels and I repudiate all people of all races who despoil the name of the Führer with „Flat Earth“ notions!

[This is what a Flat Earther looks like: A NIGGER!]

It took some doing to dig that tweet out of archive.org; but many of B.o.B.’s other Flat Earth tweets are still on his feed.  Now, look to the practical effects; e.g., this Jewmedia hit-piece which pretends to be horrified as it plays up the „Flat Earther Denies The Holocaust“ angle.  I suggest those concerned with propaganda read the whole thing, carefully; but I will quote a length an extract which shows the smooth progression from sneering at a Flat Earth clown, to the ADL demanding an apology:

B.o.B believes the Earth is flat, you see.  He wrote dozens of tweets to his more than 2 million Twitter followers on Sunday and Monday, arguing the world is being deceived in a giant, centuries-long conspiracy.


„Before you try to curve it, do your research on David Irving,“ he rapped in „Flatline.“

„Stalin was way worse than Hitler,“ he added.  „That’s why the POTUS gotta wear a Kippa.“

Here, B.o.B is echoing Nazi myths, spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and encouraging listeners to read the work of David Irving, a Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist.


The Holocaust denier also insisted in his interview with the Fader that Stalin was significantly worse than Hitler.  In the rapper’s same insistence that „Stalin was way worse than Hitler,“ B.o.B and Irving demonstrate how right-wing, anti-communist red-baiting overlaps with Nazi apologism.


When B.o.B raps „the POTUS gotta wear a kippa,“ he is advancing the right-wing, anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jews secretly control the world’s governments.


The Anti-Defamation League released a statement on Wednesday—which also happened to be International Holocaust Remembrance Day—calling B.o.B’s lyrics „unacceptable“ and „deeply troubling“ and asking him to apologize.

Translated from Jewspeak, the ADL had a Jewish orgasm over how a nigger claimed Adolf Hitler, Denied The Holocaust, said that the Jews control the world, and said the Earth is flat—all in the same rap „song“.  Oh, by the way:  Thanks, Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy, for promoting the same agenda. #thanksrenegade

In the graphic at the top, I added in Eric Dubay for three principal reasons:  Kyle Hunt has defended Dubay in the past (archival link); Adolf Hitler vs. the Jew World Order has been making the rounds, oft with Dubay’s name filed off; and the Jew media have been making hay out of Dubay and all those wacky „anti-Semitic“ conspiracy theorists who think that Jews control the world, and the Earth is flat.

I suppose that includes Dr. William Luther Pierce, a Doctor of Physics who did graduate studies at JPL (a joint NASA-Caltech facility).  After all, Renegade sites regularly run Dr. Pierce’s (and Dr. Oliver’s) articles amidst self-described „anti-intellectualism at its best“.  Combined with the occasional article from a German National Socialist, it certainly lends them credibility—right until the reader collides with the Flat Earth, which always seems to be tossed in at the worst possible moment (archival link).

That sound you hear in the background is Jewish laughter.  Mazel tov!


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