No transcript this time, because this must be heard to be understood.  Excerpting a short clip from Sinead McCarthy’s radio show of 6. September 2016:

No, young lady, it was Aristarchus to whom I referred.

Aristarchus of Samos, the Greek mathematician and astronomer with a name eminently appropriate for his personage.  Not „Socrates and Arostiphenes and buh-buh-buh-buh, buh-buh-buh-buh“ (I presume you meant Aristophanes, a playwright).  I know that that was directed at me, because I was the one who mentioned Aristarchus in the previous week’s thread (archival link).  Indeed, I am the one who keeps mentioning „Dead White Men“ Aristarchus, Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler whenever „Flat Earth“ raises its ugly head.

Given the deficient postmodern, anti-„Dead White Men“ education I suffered along with everybody else, I first learned about Aristarchus from Dr. Revilo P. Oliver.  Yes, the Dr. Oliver, one of the greatest Jew-haters of the twentieth century—who more than once complained about „the shocking removal of [NASA scientist and former NSDAP member] Dr. Arthur Rudolph to please the Jews“, and „demoralization of the scientists (as distinct from publicity hounds) in the Space Agency [NASA] following the disgusting and infamous removal of Dr. Arthur Rudolph to please the Yids.

Why does Renegade republish his writings?  I suggest that Renegade should dissociate itself from Dr. Oliver, who is evidently a NASA shill, and was exceedingly patronizing (actually, quite condescending) toward anybody who mixed up their ancient Greeks.  Dr. Oliver had absolutely zero patience with stupidity; and as a Professor of Classics who revered the achievements of the Aryan Greeks, he would have been horrified by such an attitude as one would expect from a nigger and not a White woman (encore):

Indeed, I think Dr. Oliver would contract some serious „triggeritis“ from that (to use Sinead’s favourite insult, other than „butt-hurt“, for anybody who protests that the Earth is round).

Another person terribly obsessed with „math and science“ was Dr. William Luther Pierce, a Doctor of Physics who did graduate studies at NASA’s JPL and dreamed of being an astronaut.  Dr. Pierce was obviously a NASA shill.  Why does Renegade also republish his essays?  It should also dissociate from Dr. Pierce, so as to avoid being a patsy for the Ball Globe Conspiracy.

Through her style, substance, and even tone of voice, Sinead McCarthy personifies all that which another Renegade author very honestly called „anti-intellectualism at its best“.

Anti-intellectualism is anti-Aryan.  Which is why „Flat Earth“ is banned by order of Dr. Goebbels.

Heil Aristarchus, heil Copernicus, heil Galileo, heil Kepler—und heil Hitler!


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