Round Earth Rockwell

Another „NASA shill“:  George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party, in the controversial April 1966 Playboy interview by the famous American Negro, Alex Haley (highlighting supplied):

PLAYBOY:  Recent archaeological findings have documented the existence of advanced black African civilizations centuries before the dawn of comparable cultures in Europe.

ROCKWELL:  If they were so far ahead of us then, why are they still shooting blow darts at each other while we’re launching rockets to the moon?

PLAYBOY:  The American space program isn’t a segregated project, Commander.  There are many Negroes working for NASA and in the space industry.

ROCKWELL:  This only proves my point.  A few niggers, like trained chimpanzees, have been pushed and jammed into such things as the space program by our race mixing Presidents and the Federal Government; but niggers didn’t originate any of the ideas or develop the fantastic organizations capable of putting men into space.  The niggers in NASA are like chimpanzees who have learned to ride bicycles.  A few trained monkeys riding bicycles doesn’t prove that chimpanzees could invent or build or even think about a bicycle.  The fact is that the average nigger is not as intelligent as the average white man.

With the caveat that Commander Rockwell himself said elsewhere that he needed to thereby „deliberately sound at least halfway like a raving illiterate with three loose screws“, that is really funny—and so true.

I could not have said it better myself.  No wait, I can and did.

Now, I am not exactly a Rockwell follower; but I give the man credit where due.  And I think that if Commander Rockwell (an experienced Navy pilot) deemed NASA to be a great White achievement, such implies that he knew the Earth is round.  Indeed, the same is also implied by the fact that he was neither a nigger, nor a degenerate anti-intellectual retard.  I am even reluctant to point out that he knew the Earth is round, because that is damning with faint praise; whereas Commander Rockwell was a highly intelligent White man, reportedly much different in person than shown by his intentionally obscene „Hollywood Nazi“ act.


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