The Real Damage of „Flat Earth Theory“

Upon the principle that politics is people power, and one must represent the cause with pride and dignity, I have solicited opinions from the „other side“ about the Flat Earth crowd.  Here is a response:

My impression?  Those people enjoy being mean and willfully obtuse.  It makes them feel powerful, elite, and subversive to isolate themselves in echo-chambers of incendiary nonsense, fling impotent bile at the world, and eat their own excrement.

This was received from an intelligent White person who vehemently disagrees with my political opinions, but (unlike many) is not hateful or spiteful, and seems rather fair-minded.  In other words, the kind of person who could be reasonably shown, at a minimum, that racial activists and nationalists are neither monsters, nor drooling imbeciles, nor raving insane.  Whether or not that brings about agreement, it is a high priority to re-humanize the most de-humanized people on this lovely round Earth.

For my part, I am unimpressed by the hostility of those who fling base calumny in my direction; and indeed I welcome it, for the reasons stated in Mein Kampf I:12 (13).  If a racial enemy were to ridicule me by falsely claiming that I am so stupid, I must think the Earth is flat—as has actually occurred—then I would have but one response:  Counterattack!  But what I am to do when persons ostensibly on my side say from their own mouths that the Earth is flat?  Criticism or even ridicule is then not calumny at all, if directed at them on that basis—or if directed at me, should I fail to totally disown and disavow them.

I do not think any fair-minded person in possession of correct facts could ever say the above about such persons as the German National Socialists—or for that matter, Dr. William Luther Pierce.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with them, at least they were intelligent and dignified!  Whereas what is scary, is that I myself fully agree with the above-quoted opinion—the opinion of somebody who also thinks that Blacks and Jews are just wonderful.  That hurts.  Thank you, Flat Earthers.


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