A Note on Trump and War

One of my biggest concerns about Donald Trump is the likelihood that he may start a really big war (which will be blamed on Evil White Racists), and that war will at some point invoke American military action on European soil.

I do not have time at the moment to explain—hopefully later.  Just think of Trump as a pseudo-populist Roosevelt of the Right, with Putin filling in for his own hero Stalin, and mass violence breaking out in Germany (the heart of Europa) as spillover from unmitigated catastrophe in the Middle East.  The stage was set in 2015—no, in 2003—nay, in 1991—no really, in 1945.

It is a grave concern indeed, given how well that worked out for the White Race the last two times it happened.  Three’s the trick; such a war could be the decisive death-blow to a race already racing toward extinction.

Any White American soldier who bears arms on European soil is a race-traitor.  Period.  Of course any non-White American soldier who bears arms in Europe, is just another racial enemy.  And any American soldier of any race who bears arms in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rapidly expanding spiral of destruction in the Middle East, is a criminal against the world.  Americans, enough with the „might makes right“ wars, which are nothing more than mass-murder veiled by sanctimonious speeches!  Just leave people alone.

Whereupon I find myself contemplating this nearly two-decade-old radio broadcast by an American dissident—a man whose love of science was exceeded only by that for his race, who gave up a plum position in physics research to go against the system—Dr. William Luther Pierce („Exposing the Warmongers“, 1997-11-22):

I don‘t think I have ever heard anybody speak as angrily about the American bullying of Iraq and murder of Iraqi people.  Again, this was in 1997.

Dr. Pierce’s predictions were off—but only because in 1997, he could not imagine in his worst nightmares just how bad the next six years would be.  In a word, he knew Clinton well—but he didn’t and couldn’t prophesize the coming of Bush II.  He knew that weapons of mass destruction would be a central issue; but he didn’t and couldn’t foresee the Jewish Big Lie of non-existent weapons of mass destruction as a pretext for war.  He had no means of forecasting the moment when it would really become „time to start killing Arabs!“ (and on his own birthday, no less).

Indeed, anybody who successfully predicted the 2001–03 Iraq war buildup in 1997 would have needed to have been either psychotic or Jewish.  Well, that or exceptionally well-studied in the methods of the Masons.


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