On Dixie

Paraphrasing from a draft article a thought which deserves its own mention, I suggest to my friends who fly the Stars and Bars the following slogan as to what victor’s history calls the „Civil War“:

Slavery was no more the fundamental reason for the Second American Revolution, than tea taxes were the fundamental reason for the First American Revolution.

Channelling Dr. Goebbels, who always knew how to pinpoint the substance of any question in terms which can be popularly understood, I am happy to help.

Personal context:  I am not an American Southerner; and indeed, I was raised to despise American Southerners as uncouth and uneducated „racist rednecks“ and „white trash“.  Imagine my astonishment when I grew up, and discovered that I generally prefer the company of friendly, polite Southerners to that of stereotypically rude, arrogant, abrasive, presumptuous, money-grubbing materialistic Yankee-Americans.  Which does not describe all American Northerners, but certainly describes almost all of the coastal-region urban and suburban ones.  Per my experience.

Said as somebody who has long thought of himself as anti-American, but questions whether he might just be anti-Yank.


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