Propaganda Fide

Why do I care to attack such patent absurdity as Flat Earth?  Why waste my time?  Why bother?

The principled and the practical are always but mirrors of each other.  And while a practical answer to that question is forthcoming, as to principle, first know ye this:

I wield the sword of my pen to defend the faith of the Führer against the well-poisoning impostures of self-described apostates and vagabonds, i.e. renegades.  And this faith which I, a self-described propagandist, so defend and spread, is not the faith of they who believe in Sky-Jews or nigger voodoo.

Rather, it is the passion of the National Socialist martyrs.

It is the noble Aryan faith of those who aspire to the best and the greatest, consistently with the Aristocratic Principle, a law of Nature.

It is the Nature-faith of those who do not reject reality.

It is the racial faith of those who revere great Dead White Men—the great men of Aryan Art and Aryan Science, the great poets and thinkers, the great statesmen and military generals.  The faith of Bach and Armin, of Galileo and Gauss and Planck, of Goethe and Wagner and Breker, of Plato and Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, of Aristarchus and of Kepler.  The faith which admires great men of the past, and uplifts great men in the present, such that the world may have more great men in the future.  The faith of the inventor of the wheel—the faith which gives all and sacrifices all on the altar of posterity.  The faith of Adolf Hitler!

Above all, it is the faith of those who pray to „never forget that admiration for everything that is great is not only a tribute to one creative personality but that all those who feel such admiration become thereby united under one covenant“ (Mein Kampf I:12 (14)).

’Tis the faith of those who seek to save Aryan posterity by eradicating from society this nihilistic renegade attitude, which falsifies history when convenient and heaps scorn on great men and their achievements:

[„‚Flat Earth Theory‘ is to Aryan Science as Dadaism is to Aryan Art. This man would ban both Jew poisons: DR. GOEBBELS“]

Heil Aristarchus, heil Copernicus, heil Galileo, heil Kepler—und heil Hitler!


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