Happy Birthday, Dr. Goebbels!

In Memoriam:

Dr. Joseph Goebbels
* 29. Oktober 1897/11.
† 1. Mai 1945/56.

To me, to-day is the second most important day of the year—
after 20. April, but of course!

Photo caption:  „Der Redner Dr. Goebbels kämpft um die deitsche Groẞstadt“
Text:  „Wer kennt ihn nicht?!  ‚Der Kämpfer um Berlin‘ wird er genannt.  ‚Unser Doktor‘ heiẞt er bei der SA.“
Source:  Kampf um’s Dritte Reich: Eine Historische Bilderfolge.  Heinrich Hoffman, et al.  (Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld, Berlin, 1933.)

To Dr. Goebbels, from Frau Magda, Helga, Hilde, Helmut, Holde, Hedda, und Heide:

Heil Hitler!


Dear Abby

Thought for the day:

If every relationship you have ever had throughout thousands of years of history has ultimately resulted in your being rejected, oft even hated, then you should perhaps consider looking in the mirror instead of blaming everybody else.

Or for a common quip:  The single common factor in all of your failed relationships is you.

Now, dear reader:  Did you ever hear somebody whine about how every single person they have ever met is pure evil and out to get them?  Did you think that such a persecution complex was just a pathetic exercise in projection and scapegoating for one’s own deficiencies?  Was he or she a Jew, or just Jewry in miniature?

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