Black Moon Rising

My personal Kessel was closed.  Please expect updates to be infrequent for awhile—though I will continue posting articles, and will if necessary dedicate my last fighting breath to Aryan posterity.

Sieg heil!  Sieg heil!  Sieg heil!

Heil Hitler!

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Die Kinder („Wherefore am I Helmut?“, Part III)

I want to share with you something special.  It is precious and private to me.  I am reluctant to speak of it in public, and even surprised to find myself so doing.  But I want for you to understand something about me; and I know that between all the Jew filth and their Agentur who must read it, some decent Folk who deserve it may see this.

Watch this video.  (direct download)  Watch it right now, from start to finish, and then I will explain something to you:

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Goebbels!

In Memoriam:

Dr. Joseph Goebbels
* 29. Oktober 1897/11.
† 1. Mai 1945/56.

To me, to-day is the second most important day of the year—
after 20. April, but of course!

Photo caption:  „Der Redner Dr. Goebbels kämpft um die deitsche Groẞstadt“
Text:  „Wer kennt ihn nicht?!  ‚Der Kämpfer um Berlin‘ wird er genannt.  ‚Unser Doktor‘ heiẞt er bei der SA.“
Source:  Kampf um’s Dritte Reich: Eine Historische Bilderfolge.  Heinrich Hoffman, et al.  (Cigaretten-Bilderdienst Altona-Bahrenfeld, Berlin, 1933.)

To Dr. Goebbels, from Frau Magda, Helga, Hilde, Helmut, Holde, Hedda, und Heide:

Heil Hitler!

Dear Abby

Thought for the day:

If every relationship you have ever had throughout thousands of years of history has ultimately resulted in your being rejected, oft even hated, then you should perhaps consider looking in the mirror instead of blaming everybody else.

Or for a common quip:  The single common factor in all of your failed relationships is you.

Now, dear reader:  Did you ever hear somebody whine about how every single person they have ever met is pure evil and out to get them?  Did you think that such a persecution complex was just a pathetic exercise in projection and scapegoating for one’s own deficiencies?  Was he or she a Jew, or just Jewry in miniature?

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Wherefore the Swastika?

I am „not exactly“ a National Socialist.  I do not wish to be a culturally misappropriating anti-wigger.  I do have my own radical ideas.  And should my ideas and any works I ultimately achieve be judged by posterity to be National Socialist, then thus will I be honoured.  So why do I fly the Swastika?

There are positive reasons, and a negative reason.  The latter deserves some attention first; for it is precisely the same reason why many people avoid the Swastika, namely, that it will displease the Jew and thus make their work „socially unacceptable“ in Judaized society.  Now, why should I desire such a thing?  Turn briefly to the historical record:

Schopenhauer excoriated the Jew in most unequivocal terms.  How does the Jew respond?  „He establishes a Schopenhauer Society.

Voltaire was especially vehement in his condemnation of the Jew.  (Also in his contempt for African Negroes.)  Jewish professors either conveniently omit that part, or try to spin it away with divers fantastic evasions, dissimulations, and sophistries.

Shakespeare wrote an „anti-Semitic“ play which was alternatively titled, „The Jew of Venice“ (a parallel to Marlowe’s extremely anti-Jewish „The Jew of Malta“).  It carried a morale against Jewish usury, Jewish hate, and Jewish vengefulness.  And some early editions of „The Merchant of Venice“ bore the subtitle, here changed to modern orthography:  „With the Extreme Cruelty of Shylock the Jew towards the said Merchant, in cutting a just pound of his flesh“:

[Scan: „The Excellent Hiſtory of the Merchant of Venice. With the extreme cruelty of Shylocke the Iew toward the ſaide Merchant, in cutting a iust pound of his fleſh.  And the obtaining of Portia, by the choyſe of three Caskets.“]

How does the Jew respond?  Around 1800, Shylock, the cruel and hateful Jew usurer, suddenly became Shylock, the victim of anti-Semitic persecution.  As it has occurred throughout history, the Jewish criminals against mankind recast themselves as their own victims’ victims!

Hamsun sent his Nobel Prize medal (for Literature) to Dr. Goebbels (a Doctor of Literature) as a token sealing their mutual respect.  He wrote that the cause of „anti-Semitism“ is Jews.  And he eulogized Adolf Hitler as a „warrior for mankind“.  After the War, he and his family suffered terribly from the revenge of the Judeo-Masonic Norwegian government.  Yet nowadays, just within the past decade or two, he is being „rehabilitated“—meaning that his work is being stolen, twisted, and misappropriated by people whom he hated.

Upon considerable study of this problem, I have concluded that the best means to prevent the Jew from eventually misappropriating my work for his own ends seems to be to publish it under a Swastika imprint.  It is true that the Jew, whose language contains the concept of chutzpah, is so audacious in his swindles that I fear even the Swastika may be no guarantee.  But empirically, National Socialist publications thus far seem to be safe from Jewish intellectual piracy.

In positive terms, the Swastika is firstly a dedication to Aryan mankind, and secondly an homage to the greatest Aryan leader who ever lived.  But in negative terms, it is thirdly a ward against the thieving Weltfeind:  A sign declaring, „Jew, out!  Handen weg!  No Jews allowed!  Ever!“

For I do not want to ever be „rehabilitated“ by the Jew.  I do not want for Jewish professors to ever „teach“ (that is: deconstruct, dismember, and corrupt) my work.  I do not wish for the product of my mind and my soul to ever be praised by Jews.  It is not for them.

Heil Hitler!

To Die For; To Live For

The following is the substance of what I wrote in irration at a display of what I categorized as „defeatism, nihilism, self-absorbed whining, self-righteous cowardice, and [an] attitude rooted fundamentally in fear and hatred rather than the unyielding iron determination to either do the right thing, or die trying“:

Speaking as a man who is physically crippled, has forsworn the seductive „benefits“ of the Nietzschean slave-morality disability/welfare trap,¹ is to all intents and purposes totally alone, and is now facing imminent homelessness and starvation with slim chances of survival:  There is no room in this world for those who do not have the will to struggle and fight.

(¹ So described with the note that I am a socialist on the model of National Socialism, which raised people to new heights rather than sinking them into an abyss of endless dependency.  N.b. too the aphorism, „You can’t bite the hand which feeds you.“)

O, woe and despair!  If I let myself for one moment indulge in my own helplessness and hopelessness, then I would either kill myself immediately—or ring up a psychiatrist with a kindly Jewish face for nerve-deadening happy pills by the fistful.  Few whiners could have better excuses than I do.  But I don’t, because I know the principle that no matter how badly I have it, somebody, somewhere has it worse.  Indeed, others have faced far worse than I, much more nobly, only to be rewarded with horrible deaths followed by endless Defamation of their ghosts.  Who am I to wring my hands and weep, rather than forcing myself to rise with even one-tenth the courage that they had?

I know that amidst a society of fashionable purposelessness and quests for „self-actualization“² which can never quite be found by those who seek it, all that sounds lofty and idealistic—or perhaps even „grandiose“.  What positive goal could justify such effort?  Something larger than oneself, something worth more than one’s own life—something worth dying for.  I wrote as my own personal motto:  „Only they who have something to die for, have something to live for.“  Thus being oriented toward life, I know that my only chance of achieving that „something“ is to not give up„Kapitulieren?  Nein!“

(² Term originated by Abraham Maslow, a Jew with both Boazian cultural anthropologist and Cultural Marxist connections.)

And that positive „something“, the only „something“ worth living and dying for, must be something given to others such that I may live on in them long after I am dead.  In other words, something for posterity—a concept of collective heritage by a common future, which in any meaningful sense can be only a racial matter.

The race shall be to the swift.  The battle shall be to the strong.  And the laurels of final victory shall rest on the brows of those motivated by such a spirit of internal resistance as grants them power tantamount to a force of Nature.

„Lieber tot als Sklave!“