Last updated: 2016-07-18

May I copy your writings?

Please do.  Spread the faith!  I reject Jew-capitalist copyright, and refuse to recognize its validity; in principle, I write for Aryan posterity, and I consider all I write to be the common property of all people who are biologically and spiritually Aryan.  Since Jew courts are unlikely to grace the Aryan people with legal personhood, I formally and legally release my writings to the public domain.  There is no copyright.  There is no licence.

(Note:  If expedient for the purpose of raising Jew money for a good cause (including, but not limited to putting bread in my own mouth), in the future I may limit this by claiming Jew copyright on the „added value“ saleable form of a work, while releasing its substance freely.  It is premature to say exactly what I mean by this, because I have not yet done it.  I only mention this now, such that people will not later accuse me of going back on my word.)

May I plagiarize your writings?

The Jew has done a bang-up job confusing copyright with plagiarism protection in the public mind; thus I must explain, a job best done by way of analogy:

The works of Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Goethe are all in the public domain; indeed, their works were created before „copyright“ was invented.  Yet you must not fraudulently claim their words to be your own work, and you must not quote unattributed from them.  Since I have disclaimed copyright and released my work to the public domain, you may treat it exactly (no more, no less) in the manner as you would treat something written a thousand years ago.

That being said, I am not motivated by a desire for contemporary fame; and I recognize that it is sometimes expedient for activists to publish propaganda without proper attribution.  I state all this at length only because I know there to exist many unscrupulous persons who put the words of others in their own mouths so as to pretend to have brains.  If a sympathizer with pure motives has valid reasons for using my work without credit, I invite that person to contact me (or if that would cause real danger: follow your conscience).  Alles für Deutschland.

Why is this site in the English language?

Well, it is the ungerman Germanist.

(P.S., please write to me in Englisch.  My apologies; like Houston Stewart Chamberlain, I know that English is an ugly language.)

Why do you fly the Swastika?

For the exact opposite reason that a Jew affixes a mezzuzah at his door:  To keep evil out!

The Swastika is an ancient symbol of protection from evil. It is also a modern symbol of freedom.

Why are you un-German?

Three reasons:

  1. I am not so lucky as to have been born German.  I am only part German by blood.
  2. As an Asiatic, I am vengeful where Germans are merciful; and at least in concept, I have no qualms about certain things the Führer would condemn as „undeutsch“.  Really, the Jews should have thought about that before they encouraged racial mixing:  You Aryans lost the War in large part because your noble nature makes you what others consider „weak“.  Imagine an army of lost souls like me, in certain part debased Aryan but with stereotypical Asiatic cold-bloodedness, vengefulness, and fanaticism.  (Not that it will happen.)
  3. „Undeutsch“ is visually almost identical to „urdeutsch“, which permits me some wistful, wishful thinking.

Though un-German, I am nevertheless a Germanist.  Thus only half-joking, I suppose I am the antipode of a wigger.

What is your exact racial composition?

I do not wish at this time to publicly identify myself down to the level of eighths and sixteenths.  Surely you understand.

I have disclosed publicly that I am a non-negroid, non-Jewish mix.  Given the arguable three primary colours, I suppose that makes me a White-Yellow mutt with a large portion of German blood.

The URL of this site is ungrammatical!

Firstly, dear perfectionistic German reader, I tried to register „ungerman“ because this site is in the Englisch language.  The free web service I now use purely as an expedient would not permit it; it says the name is „reserved“.  Then I did some effort and tried to register „undeutsch“, as a predicative:  „Ich bin undeutsch“.  This, too, was „reserved“.  Therefore, I simply registered a one-word fragment from the full title of the site.

Are you a National Socialist?

I do not exactly describe myself as a National Socialist; although my sympathies are obvious, given that I fly the Swastika and I call Adolf Hitler „mein Führer“. N.b. that on the latter account, it is self-evident that such reluctance does not rise from fear of the „Nazi“ label. Instead, my reasons are:

  1. It is difficult to be a National Socialist without a nation:  National Socialism is a living applied philosophy, not a dead theory to provide mental exercise for people who do not or cannot put it to practice (a principle which certain people would do well to learn).
  2. I am averse to joining parties or applying labels to myself for the same reasons why Knut Hamsun never formally joined Nasjonal Samling—although by his every word and deed, he was more NS than Quisling! By his example, substance and action are what count, not only labels and party memberships.
  3. I have my own ideas—some of which are quite radical—and do not wish to steal the „National Socialist“ title for my own innovations. The practical application of timeless principles must adapt to circumstance; and as one who is so bold as to consider himself a philosopher, I also consider it my duty to build further on those who came before me (just as the Führer himself did).  On the latter account, it will be for Aryan posterity to judge whether or not I am „National Socialist“ according to the principle laid down in Mein Kampf, vol. 1 ch. 8:

    For me and for all genuine National-Socialists there is only one doctrine.  People and Fatherland….  All ideas and ideals, all teaching and all knowledge, must serve these ends.  It is from this standpoint that everything must be examined and turned to practical uses or else discarded.  Thus a theory can never become a mere dead dogma since everything will have to serve the practical ends of everyday life.

(That being said, if I were so fortunate as to be a young, healthy German living in the 1920s, I would without hesitation join the SA.)

Did anybody actually ask these questions?

„FAQ“ is now a term with its own denotation, unfortunately.  If I were to call this by some gratuitously cute construction such as „NAQ“ („Never-Asked Questions“), such would impede communications with people who are looking for a „FAQ“.

The only question which has thus far actually been quite „frequently asked“ is as to my exact racial composition (q.v.).

Why are you doing this?

I could and have written (elsewhere) much on this question; but for now, I have time only to quote from something I posted on another site.  I believe this adequately encapsulates my motives for practical purposes:

To adapt the words of the Führer only a bit out of context, my inner nature which I always heretofore betrayed is to one of „those who are said to please the gods only because they wish for and demand the impossible.  They will always have to renounce contemporary fame; but if their ideas be immortal, posterity will grant them its acknowledgment.“ Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Ch. 8.  I do wish for and demand the impossible.  I have but little interest in contemporary fame, which I would rather prefer to avoid; and of the pleasures of this life, most are physically, unalterably beyond my reach anyway.  In my particular case, if I please the Aryan gods, then perhaps I may earn the right to join after my death the posterity which my race-mixing parents forbade to me in life.  Such is a matter between me and the gods, with my judgment to be passed by Aryan posterity.

In other words, my first and principal motive is gross self-interest in achieving immortality:

[Feldherrnhalle Memorial]


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